MIG-21S is unplayable without flares

MiG-21S is unplayable without flares… it has bad rockets anyways and if there’s an enemy behind you - you are dead no question about it.

Supersonic dogfighter at 9.7. you can at least leverage your speed to set up engagements and avoid any and all sub-sonics All-aspect carriers at that BR. Hunter F6. Same BR, no CMs but subsonic. It could always be worse


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Anytime you’re playing a 9.0 range supersonic which lacks flares you need to incorporate positioning in to your attack. You should not make dives which place large amounts of enemies behind you. Pick off stragglers and abuse your speed to get in and out of the combat zone.

bro has 163 battles only and thinks he’s done something lmao

You have 320 and perform far worse than someone with just over half the games in the same plane this is another case of a big 3 only player just having a massive skill issue


It’s perfectly fine. Just turn your brain on…

He only plays germany russia and the US dont think he has one to be fair

Uhh, say that to the numerous Swedish aircraft that don’t have flares, they would love a lower BR too.

It is fine, the plane is much better than the mig 21s at 9.3, and most of the missiles that you face are rear aspect so watch your back and you will be fine most of the time, and if you find someone with all aspect just dont go ahead into them.

That’s the plane they’re discussing lol

The Mig-21S gets a very dangerous radar missile at 9.7 which is matched only by the F-8s AIM-9C all the way at 10.3
It is also a very maneuverable airframe with the same engine as the 10.3 Mig-21. You have speed, thrust, maneuverability and decent enough missiles. Simply maintain situational awareness as to not end up with enemies behind you. Yes, it’s not always possible and you’ll occasionally get missiles fired at you that you can do nothing about, but with enough skill you can minimize such situations.

i meant mig 21s as in plural there are 3 of them at 9.3 the mig 21s is 9.7