MiG-21bis "Lazur-M" fix

The MiG-21bis Lazur-M needs a big update/fix
MiG-21 "Lazur-M" (Германия) — War Thunder Wiki
. New BR 12.0
. New Radar range: 54 km
. New Type: Radar/IRST
. New AAMs Such as the R-73 (x6) and R-23T (x2)
. Thanks for looking 🫡

R-73s would see it move to 12.0+

Everything else would need sources.


and why does it “need” that?

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look on Wikipedia they use it

Wikipedia is not a good source. If you have primary sources, submit a bug report


maverick has some…questionable takes looking at topic history


And even then, it will stay because its fine, sure, against 12.0 sucks but thats the compression…

Yeah, as it is, I think 11.0 for this jet is highly generous. Especially when aircraft like the Tornado IDS are also 11.0 and they have a fraction of the performance. With decompression, the Mig-21BIS would probably end up higher than it is currently (relatively speaking)

I’m convinced the OP makes these to bait

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No they didn’t only modernized variants got access to R-73.

it must be

I mean, the Tornado IDS’s are strike aircraft and shouldn’t be compared to the bis which is a pure fighter.
The bis is a decent fighter, with above average manueverability and decent R-60Ms though without any real BVR capabilities nor PD radar and poor speed and cannon armament. Unless decompression is such that 11.3s are mostly 12.0, it shouldn’t go to 11.3.

Looking at most topics he has made, probably!

I compared it because the Tornado IDS cannot go to 10.7 because it would be “too OP” apparently. So if 11.0 for something that is slower, turns worse and only has 2x AAMs is “Too OP” to go lower than 11.0. Then the Mig-21BIS at 11.0 is fine. If not very generous. Fact is 3 of the Tornados are actually stuck at 11.3, Though hopefully that gets fixed next major

Again, you’re comparing a strike aircraft to a fighter. Instead, take another pure fighter like a MiG-23, F-5, Viggen, or Mirage if you want to make a comparison to the bis. Or compare the Tornado to the Su-22s at 11.0, or A-7s at 10.7/11.0.
Also, the Tornado is faster than the bis (2308km/h vs 2240km/h at 13km, 1441km/h vs 1365km/h at sea level).
Finally, the tech tree IDS’s all have Paveways that make them most effective in GRB anyways not ARB where they will primarily find MiG-21s.

You wouldn’t complain that the Do 335 isn’t as good as a Spitfire because it’s heavier and can’t turn or climb as well. They’re different aircraft with different roles.

In that case, it completely and utterly destroys the Sea Harrier FRS1 at 10.7 and to be honest, out-performs the Phantom FGR2/FG1 at 11.3.

Its not. Clean (no bombs, drop tanks or BOZ pods) and low on fuel, it might get to a higher top speed if given time. But the Mig-21 would out accelerate, catch and kill the Tornado long before it could reach a speed suffecient to outrun a Mig-21. Even the much faster Tornado F3, cant out run a Mig-21 unless its given time to accelerate first.

Which is why I said hopefully its getting fixed next major update with the split Air and ground BRS. meaning the 3 TT Tornado IDS stuck at 11.3 can move down to 11.0 in ARB. Hopefully alongside them getting their missing 1200+ CMs.

Yes, bad players use Wikipedia.
Why are you listening to bad players rather than experts, Gaijin, and successful bug reporters?

Also primarily a strike aircraft, though this also has 4x AIM-9L

Strongly disagree. Even the F-4E is better at 11.0. J (UK) is also definitively better, and while I haven’t used them the FG/FGR are direct upgrades, so it follows they are even better. Plus, the F-4s are much more capable multirole vehicles, not limited to interception like the MiG-21.

The Tornado has all match to accelerate. If you’re turning with a MiG in a Tornado, especially an IDS, you’re doing it wrong. In an IDS, run to the base and run back to the AF. A MiG will always have to meet you initially in a head on, it’s easy to avoid R-60s in that aspect, then the MiG needs to turn 180 degrees and try to chase you, which it simply cannot do. In an ADV, you will completely dominate the MiG in a head-on with superTEMPs and 9Ls against mere R-60Ms. Then blow through, circle back once the MiG is off you.

Disagree with that, they’re fine at 11.3. Honestly the whole idea of split BRs is silly IMO, it’s just making strike aircraft OP in a role they’re not designed for. Somewhat like how many SPAAs are essentially TDs and are balanced accordingly, the Falcon being a prime example. Not good game design, all it does is introduce more unbalanced A-10 type vehicles with poor flight performance but overpowered weaponry, which are frustrating to fight and not even particularly effective.

It might be “able” to be used in a ground attack role. But then we should consider the Mig-21BIS a strike aircraft because its actually more effective in CAS than the Sea Harrier. Its primary role was air defence. Its purpose was to protect the fleet. As proven in the Falklands.

The ONLY difference between them and the WTD61/MFG at 11.0 is the guided air to ground weapons which mean nothing in ARB. The ONLY reason they are at 11.3 is because of their CAS performance in GRB. They will move down in June with that change.

man just because the name starts with “mig 21” doesnt mean that all variants can carry the same weapons.