Mig-21bis and other things

You guys probably are familiar whit the soviet mig-21bis. As you know it can carry BOMBS, but the finland verison cant.

But grlexcan thats diffrent countries, yeah i know but why do theu have the exact same secondary weapons but they dont have bombs.

Another things that distrubs me us that the j34 is obviously in the hunter family. The other hunters can carry bombs but not it, why? Cant gaijin just make it fair and square and make it so that SWEDENS AVIATON TECH TREE ALSO CAN CARRY BOMBS?

from my knowledge: when vehicles we’re exported to other countries: they we’re purposely nerfed by the country exporting them. And I think that was the case with the Finish MiG-21bis, for example the same thing was done with the German MiG-19P. The USSR exported the variant without the AAM firing unit, while the USSR retained their MiG-19PT that can fire AAM.
So I agree that it does seem unfair, especially if the vehicle are at the same Br and literally have the same features. Just to be missing 1 crucial function, so my tip: send this as s suggestion to the dev’s and see if the Finish MiG-21bis will gain a bomb loadout (even tho it might be not realistically accurate)

Germany had AAM equipped MiG-19s, the PM with 4 RS2US missiles. As for the PT variant, it was an exclusively Russian upgrade to keep MiG-19s in service viable until they were replaced by MiG-21s. Going back to Finnish MiG-21s not having bombs, I suspect this is due to Finland never buying them and only using the MiGs as fighters since dumb bombs weren’t prohibited from being exported out of the Soviet Union.