Mig 21 SPS-K Drops to 9.7

So the Mig 21 SPS-K drops to 9.7 while the F-4C stays are 10.0…

Am I missing something?

F-4C can carry 8 missiles including 4 long range sparrows while Mig 21 SPS-K can only carry 4 short range missiles at most. F-4C can carry 3 gun pods with 1200 ammo while Mig 21 SPS-K can only carry 1 gun pod with 250 ammos. Also, as bonus point F-4C can carry massive air to ground armaments while carrying its air-to-air missiles unlike Mig 21 SPS-K that can carry 2 bombs or rockets in exchange for its air-to-air missiles. Mig 21 SPS-K can carry 60 flares instead of gun but F-4C can carry lots of rockets to use them for flare’s role while retaining its 3 guns.

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