Midair shell collision

Is there any record of midair shells colliding in game and not on purpose ? I think that I have recorded one

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Are you able to access the server replay? You’d be able to see it there if anything.

I play on GeForce Now so I can’t see the replay because it was a few days ago, I just clipped this and saw it today

Dang, I would have liked to pull up the replay to confirm it. It certainly looks like they bouced away.

I had a dude accidentally spawn camp my sturmtiger’s round a couple days ago. I fired and he hit my round that second it got fired and became an object.

I didn’t record it but this has happened to me too. except one shell hit the ground and the other went up

I’ve managed to hit HEAT rounds mid-air, which usually means the HEAT will blow up and my round will come and slap you

Don’t think i’ve had 2 solid rounds just ricochet off each other tho, looks cool

It certainly looks like the shells bounced off each other.

If that really is the case:

-nice job by Gaijin to make that possible
-nice job by you and that random enemy to hit each other’s shell
-nice job recording it for everyone

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