MI-8 for Finland (Sweden)

So long story short it’s obvious that the MI-8 is used by basically the entire world (yes even NATO) but specifically Finland acquired a couple of MI-8 in the 70s, they where used as border patrol and while I’m aware the MI-8T and MI-8P that Finland bought isn’t the MI-8TV which is the armed model the normal MI-8T could still carry a hefty load of rocket pods, I’m suggesting it’ll be added to the Swedish tech tree as Sweden still doesn’t have a low BR dumb fire rocket option for their helicopters and would give Finland it’s own helicopter for now until we get around to actually adding the utility combat helos that Finland and I guess ultimately also Norway uses are in the game

There’s also Alouette 2 and Mi4, they were used pretty much exclusively as transport and emergency vehicles. They are also completely unarmed and the air force does not even have weapon systems that could be mounted properly on them.

Maybe norwegian Bell 412 has rockets and could be put to swedish techtree?

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indeed adding a Norwegian Huey with a pair of rocket pods wouldn’t be too bad either, but honestly if we are gonna dig into the whole Norwegian helicopters they even used the Lynx or if we are gonna count modern helos they use the modern lynx which has some designation I don’t remember and the H145 Airbus

but while the Finnish helicopters probably never carried armaments in service (Norwegian too) it’s not the first time Gaijin is gonna add a random weapon system that the vehicle is capable of using but didn’t use just for better gameplay and to fill out tech trees

I feel that Norway wiil probably end up in swedens tree anyway so these should be added, theres already a Norwegian Leopard 1 and now theyre getting Norway’s SPG as a premium too

Indeed, my point was rather that since the pipeline of dev time is currently not focused on adding Norway as a sub tree to sweden I’m suggesting this as a both short term but also overall long term measure as Finland does indeed use weapons capable helicopters although admittedly probably never as a dedicated weapons platform