Mi-24v and mi-24p fold

tbh why are they not folded, they are pretty much the same helicopter with a different main gun, V having a rotary 12,7mm gun and the P having a double barrel 30mm.

so I don’t see why they haven’t put mi-24P in a fold with mi-24V.
would spare people much more time and grind.

so yeah that’s it👽


Have you ever encountered any folded helicopters in War Thunder? If not, I can tell you that there are no foldable aircraft in the helicopter tech tree of War Thunder. They’re shorter than both ground and air forces, and Gaijin believes that only full deployment should require players to spend the same amount of time on research as ground forces.

still a little weird to grind 360k for the V and then grind 370k for the P.

making the V like 220-260k would make more sense.

just like a lot of other helis in game like: Tzefa B, Z-9W, wessex HU mk.5, BO 105 pah-1, etc

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Helicopter grind in general is a joke, Germany you have the Bo 105 PAH 1 and 1A1 and I think you just get slightly better missiles for which you have to grind half a million RP.

FR man. tbh folding pretty much identical helis or reduce the RP cost would make a lot of sense


A) they are different rotorcraft, of the same series, but not the same model. That’s like saying, oh, the Tiger I and Tiger II are both Pz.VI’s, so they should be the same vehicle.

B) Russian rotorcraft are the best in game, and it’s just one more addition to your lineup.

Those aside; they should decrease RP requirements, or increase RP multipliers, the grind is hella slow. (Not to mention most helicopter trees are not worth it until the very last rotorcraft)

agree 100% on the decrease RP part

Well yeah, it’s been talked about since the introduction of rotorcraft to war thunder, because it’s been an issue for that long, along the lines of 4-5 years if I remember correctly.

something like that. but who knows maybe one time they will fix it

Nah, because it makes them more money. (Buying premiums and such.)

true true

RP costs is ridiculously high, but yeah just foldering them would already make sense, it’s really just whale bait.


They foldered everything but helicopters even though they are the worst to grind. Every nation has two helicopters that are exactly the same except for one small difference at the same BR. They hope you get annoyed and buy the premium heli, and also GE to speed the grind up. Think of WT as a mobile game pay structure. Pay nothing years of grinding slowly, give them lots of money and you get to unlock all the vehicles faster

Next sale the Ka-50 is on sale I’m gonna buy it tho. 30$’s for a amazing handling helicopter in full real/sim controls and insane weaponry is worth it for me.

They’re not foldered because the devs know it’s a time and money sinkhole for players that want helos.
They know it and do it, scummy as hell, and it probably won’t change either