MH-60L DAP Missing HIRSS?


I just noticed that there is no evidence anywhere of the MH60L DAP having its HIRSS Heat Suppression system. It isn’t listed in the modifications. It’s not mentioned in the wiki. In fact, that only place it was ever mentioned was the Development Blog and the patch release blog. Was it implemented without the promised features?

Systems with integral HIRSS don’t have modifications, such as Apache.
It doesn’t matter though since HIRSS doesn’t function in WT currently anyway.


Can you also explain why you have to choose between MAWS and IRCM. If you install one. The other uninstalls. I haven’t been able to locate anything that really explains the mechanics or the trade offs of this.

One isn’t uninstalled.
The later modification just adds a new system.

Awesome. Thank you so much for your assistance!