MG 151/20 mm mine shells now self-destructing - does anybody know the exact distance?

You might have noticed that the MG 151/20 shells explode since a few days after a certain time / range travelled (so like the MG FF/M shells).

Does anybody know (or has access to data mines) the exact distance (or it might be a time issue) when they burst?

I mean long range snipes with MG 151s are extremely rare for me, but it would be nice to know more because i have the “feeling” that i (depending on speed / distance) that my shells often explode before they are near enemies…

Thx in advance!

I thought they were always self destroying, but the mineshell should self detonate after traveling 2600 meters from what i can tell.


Depending on the fuze it was between 900-1400m.

After around 3s.

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That is the historical fuse times for the fuses ZZ 1505 and ZZ 1506 are ~3 and ~8 seconds respectively, leading to either 900-1200m or 1400m approximate flight distance, that is correct. However the game files do not specify a time or distance for the self destruction fuse, only the maximum flight distance for the projectile, so i assumed that value to be the one that triggers the self destruct.

I do not know if the fuse timer is implemented in some way i am not aware of, but the shells do seem to detonate after approximately 3 seconds.

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Yeah but it’s not. It takes around 4sec for the shell to self-destruct in the game so around 1200m.

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That seems to be my issue - whilst performing very high speed dive attacks and / or high speed tail chasing of very fast enemies i am used to fire with with very large lead angles (after it took a while to get used to the RS 3.0 ballistics) - so depending on the required time for my shells to travel they seem to explode before they hit the targets.

So i had also the “feeling” of ~ 3 seconds and ~ 1.2 km, but i hoped that somebody has checked those “data mines” to present a “confirmed” value.

Thx both of you for your help!

There’s currently an issue with self-destroying shells in air battles, where they are set to explode after a certain range, same how you can set the SD action on rockets.

So the faster both planes fly in a tail chase, the earlier the shells will explode.

So it’s quite possible when you’re going 600kph and the enemy is 600m away, that the shells will explode before they hit the target.