Meteor F.8

Why doesn’t Israel’s Meteor F8 carry bombs?

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I asked ChatGPT …

The Meteor F Mk. 8 did not serve in the Israeli Air Force. The confusion might have arisen from the similarity in the names of different aircraft. The Meteor F Mk. 8 could indeed carry bombs, although its primary role was as a fighter aircraft. It could be equipped with underwing hardpoints to carry rockets or bombs for ground-attack roles.


So give us gaijim bombs :)

ChatGPT putting that “not a search engine” disclaimer to use lmao


I didn’t really take it seriously because I quickly found pictures.

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It appears they forgot them, this link from Jewish Library seems to suggest they carried the same bombs as the British Meteors as well as HVAR rockets.

Somebody may wish to make a bug report. If not I may consider making one.

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