Messerschmitt BF109G-10/R3

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Description: The story of the G10 variant in the Italian Social Republic started in December 1944, when new BF109s were delivered to the Aereonautica Nazionale Repubblicana to replace the previous G6s lost in combat. The first squadron to get those was the 2nd Gruppo C.T. The multiple BF109 delivered were in different variants, including G14 and AS, G10, and G10R3. The second squadron that operated the BF109 G10 was the 1st Group CT, but the group was only equipped with Italian aircraft, so they didn’t have any experience with the 109. The 1 gruppo c.t. was sent to Germany for training, and they returned in 1945 when they received a total of 48 BG109 in various versions (G10, G10/R3, G10U4/R3,AS,AS/R3,G14,G14/AS, G6, G6/AS,K4). Both squadrons kept fighting until the end of the war, scoring multiple victories, but at the same time, a lot of aircraft were destroyed (mainly on the ground by American bombers). The difference between the G10 and the G10/R3 was that the R3 was able to mount from one to two 300-liter fuel tank.

Why it should be in gmae: It will be a very good addition in the main line foldered with the G14/AS or as an event/Premium.



Engine: Damiler Benz DB 605D, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled 2,000hp
Wingspan: 32ft 8 ½ in (9.95m)
Length: 29ft (8.84m)
Height: 8ft 2 ½ in (2.49m)
Weight: 7,475lb (3,386 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed: 452mph (727km/h) at 19,685ft (6,000m)
Ceiling: 41,000ft (12,500m)
Range: 356miles (573km)
Armament: 2 x 13 mm cannons, 1x 20 mm cannon
Crew: 1
1x 300 or 2x 300 litres fuel tank.



Messerschmitt Bf. 109 G.10 W.Nr. 49133, 2-10 della 2° sq. 1° gr. Ct. A.N.R. - Lonate Pozzolo (Va) Aprile 1945 da kit Academy del Me.109 K-4 cat. no. AC 1228
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+1 because it has been used by the italian air force

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