Messerchmitt Bf-109 G12/R3: The strange looking 109

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Description: The B109 G12 was the training variant of the B109G. The story of this variant started when the Luftwaffe realized that a two-seat Bf109 variant was needed to train new pilots on the aircraft directly. But the aircraft itself was not as good as the projectors hoped because there was never actually a production line for this variant, but the units made were G2, G4, and G6 reconverted to the G12 standard. A total of 900 units were planned to be converted, but less than 100 were actually converted. There were only 2 G12s in the Aereonautica Nazionale Repubblicana squadrons, both delivered to the 2nd Stormo Cavia, and they were both converted G4. They were used for training new pilots for the BF109, but there is no literal documentation about their fate. The two units given to Italy also had the possibility of carrying from one to two 300-liter fuel tanks.

Why it should be in game: like the other Italian 109 this one could be a good option as a premium/event veichles since it’s a pretty unique variant with good perfomance.



Engine: Damiler Benz DB 605A-1, 12-cylinder V, liquid-cooled 1,475hp
Wingspan: 32 ft 0 in (9.95m)
Length: 31 ft 7 1/8 (8.84m)
Height: 8 ft 2 ½ in (2.49m)
Weight: 6,900lb (3,130 kg) (Loaded)
Maximum Speed: 350 mph
Ceiling: 39,370ft (12,000m)
Range: 528miles (850km)
Armament: 2 x 13mm MG 131 MGs, 1 x MG151/20 mm cannon
Crew: 2
1x or 2 x 300 liters fuel pod



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The two aircraft when they were delivered


Thx for your suggestion.

May i ask if you have any evidence of the weapons of this plane? I mean if you ask for 2 MG 131 for a G-4 conversion, this seems wrong…

I read some time ago about German G-12 (obviously G-6 conversion) used in combat - by short range recon groups, using thee second seat for an additional observer. I am quite sure that they had just a a single MG 131 on board…

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Well the evidence for the MG131 was the main source that I used

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Thx for your reply - but i am confused now.

The main optical difference from of the G-4 and the G-6 were the “Beulen” necessary due to the MG 131s - so your sources claim that they converted G-4s into G-12s and replaced the MG 17s with MG 131s without changing the look…

Very interesting. Have a good one!

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+1 yes ! very interesting plane

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