Message about being reported

Hi, today I got a message about getting reported 10 times and I was gonna ask if I may get banned for 1 teamkill? I admit I did it, I regret it and it was in the heat of the moment after he intentionally stole my kill. Do you guys think I’ll get banned? Also does killing my friend in match count? Beacuse sometimes we kill each other for fun

Relax. Its like a badge of honer.
Shitty people like to report players for cheating and stuff whenever someone kills them.


He is talking about a teamkill, not about being considered a cheater!

I mean I actually tked a guy

There was also the accusation of cheating in the notification. And if I’m correct every other possible option to report. Even using bot and etc. tho I didn’t do those

Well, if you don’t let others use your account, you will know what you did and didn’t. They won’t perma-ban you for one intentional team kill.

It was not your kill brother. While is red, you shoot cause damaged enemy can still kill teammates, even dead one.

Sure if he was in flat spin, on fire and near the ground, it’s rude, it’s a-hole move but it’s NOT forbidden or punishable, You’re entitled to one rude comment in the chat and we move on.

Killing off teammates is 17x more idiotic than alleged KS itself, remember that.


It’s an automated msg, generated whenever a players gets reported 10 or more times within a certain period. But it is nothing to worry about, provided to you did nothing to break the Rules. Many players seem to think that reporting a player enough times will get them some sort of punishment, and it does work that way in some games/platforms, but not here. Say you steal a guy’s kill(ironic example yeah?? . . lol) and he gets miffed and reports you for . . whatever, then goes to his Squadron and tells all of them to report you too . . . see where I’m heading with this?? Which, making false reports is also … . against the Rules and punishable as well. So “report bombing” does nothing besides clog up the Complaint System, making the Game Masters job harder and does nothing to whoever got reported for no good reason. As for team kills, also handled by an automated system. And there really isn’t any “kill stealing”, might not be good sportsmanship and not usually very “tactful” team play, but . . . not against the Rules. And I believe it’s best not to take or make things “personal” . . . especially on the internet . . . many times, best option is just to . . . “let it go” . . . life is short, enjoy as much of it as you can get away with . . .

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Why does this never happen to me … seems like I got still room to improve ^^

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no you won’t get a ban for a teamkill

and even if you get one, it won’t be long (1 day maximum i’d say). But seriously i highly doubt they even ban for that, it just happens way too often

keeping your cool is important still, even if someone killing a flat spinning ennemy you just took out is very frustrating ;)

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Thanks man hope it’s like that. I put 2 years of my life in that game

What doesn’t happen?

Dude he was on fire, without wings and in flatspin. It was also at 9.3 and he didn’t have rockets

It’s a standard message after ten reports, for whatever reason.

I get never accused of cheating … seems that I’m not good enough …

I mean are there even cheats in war thunder?

Relax, even for 2 intentional murders nothing will happen.

Thx I hope

Sure … but I all we can do is report ingame if we think someone cheats.

You will get auto banned eventually for teamkills, but not 1. There’s a fixed formula, it’s like 10 of them in 1 week or 5 in one day, or 20 in a month or whatever, I don’t remember exactly.