Merkava's Tanks

Can you guys tell me how good the Israel tanks are now at the moment?
I read a lot of negative reviews and the I saw they got a buff or something.
How good are the armour?
Can they withstand a few shots like all the other nations?

I can’t speak for the 120mm versions, but I have the Merkava Mk.2B for the USA, and I enjoy it. The front mounted engine often takes the brunt of hits frontally, and you can return fire with some pretty decent ammunition, notably the M413 / DM33 APFSDS. The only issue I would say is a majority of your games will be uptiers facing 10.0 and 10.3, which can be a bit troublesome as a lot of ammunition there negates your armor and is able to stop your shell if not aimed properly.

The Merkavas are super nice at lower tiers. However, at high tiers they somewhat suffer. The Mk. 1, 2, and 3 are all really nice though.

I have all of them

In the end I would not call the Merkava 4M better or worse than my Abrams SepV2. If I get hot from a T90M in my SEPV2 i’ll be dead too.

Where I see the Merkava shining is agains the stupid helo, CAS or bmps with the rockets. Trophy saved my as* several times and this is what SevV2 lacks of.

I have a Merkava 2 lineup and a Merkava 3 ne. The new Premium Merkava 3 is now in Merkava 4 and Merkava 3 lineup.

I am happy with it. The reload rate is a issues. My M4M is at 6.4sec fully maxed out crew and aced. SePv2 is under 5sec. Simple tactic. Hit you did take the other out, good. You failed → run

IMO merkavas are together with arietes the only tanks im confident pushing everytime I face them.

I have them all. I think I like them more than my leclercs. Probably less than my China lineup. They’re not the worst, but far from the best.

Lmao im scared of them bc who plays them are either cheating or not cheating but is able to defeat a cheater easily