Merkavas have no relevant advantages over other mbts. mk3 brs should be lowered

emphasis on mk 3 being 11.0
it has
-terrible reload
-no survivability; practically any round goes through engine/hull and spall kills entire crew + turret is weak and rounds go through to kill half crew, crippling already long reload speed
-the gun (which I’ve heard is the reason merk mk3 is 11.0) still can’t pen soviet ufps/turrets. still has to play around weak points on any mbt with armor- the gun offers no advantage to the merkava, while practically any vehicle just aims center mass to kill merk mk 3.
-engine layout is practically a nerf to tank
-reverse gear (another reason i’ve heard the tank is 11.0) is incredibly circumstantial. reversing doesnt matter if you get one shot/ your engine is out on the first hit
why is it 11.0?

plz dont say skill issue. I have a positive kdr in all my merkavas


Agree and those videos are total BS.
Leopard had at least 2 of his crewmen killed yet landed a shot.
T-80 was hit in his ammo and his turret should have been in the stratosphere, but also managed to float into a comfortable position and fire.

do you noticed that you shot the engine area but not combat room? and the next video that your shell finally hit the main armor, you should shoot a little bit lower
i dont know very well about merkava so this is just a correction about your shooting


i wont say skill issue but you missed both shots; too late on the first one, i would have shot closer to the front or try to hit his breach around the barrel if not possible. Too high on the second one, hitting the side of the UFP.

The first shot was with a HEAT round, equally unreliable for everyone at top tier, so you were at a disadvantage merkava or not. The Merkava hull armor is not the greatest, thats for sure, but this two instances had nothing to do with that.


Exactly the same as leopard reload.
from basic to ace

7.8 → 6.0 s

Same for leopard up to leopard 2A6.

Actually this is an issue I’ve been noticing…
APFSDS is spalling a shit ton even on light armour such as the Vilkas. Especially Russian APFSDS.
IDK if this is a bug but someone has to investigate this.

you have the M322 on the mk3 with 590mm flat pen at <10.
this is not an excuse man srsly you just have to aim better.

blame the engineers who designed it.

is not a reason.

same reload as the leopard- but the leopard is a better tank. anyone would choose an 11.7 leopard over the merkava 11.7. they have functional armor, the same gun/gun handling, better mobility, no weird engine layout. so why is this an argument?

as for the round going through the hull being the same situation for a handful of leopards: leopards at least have turrets that perform well/bounce shots at their respective BRs. every merkava (especially the mk 3) turret gets shredded/outright dies if shot in the turret. ive literally been shot down the barrel of my tank and the round spalled through the barrel + the gun breach and killed the turret crew.

as for m322- so what? how is ‘aim better’ a valid response? I am positive in my tanks- I aim well enough to stay positive. my point is that the burden of effort on me is waaay higher than the soviet tanks i constantly have to fight. in my second clip keep in mind that the t80 I can’t front pen is an entire BR down. and I still can’t pen his ufp. why? why should I not be able to pen the ufp of a t80ud? tell me the -relevant- advantages the merkava mk3 has that places it in a position where I have to play around the weak spots of an 10.0 mbt

image of tapna destroying me by shooting me through the barrel + breach- exactly what I mean when i say burden of effort

I address the t-80 aiming issue in my reply to Armen Lozone

Issues or skill required to face russian tanks especially is a universal requirement for players.
As for the barrell to turret pen, i blame volumetric as well as a damn funny russian APFSDS spall modifier.

it was fine at 10.3 i really dont get why it was moved up

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