Merkavas are Suffering give the players a Reason to play

Gajin pls give Israel a Reason to play, let the Merk 4s turret atleast Stop Top APFSDS Rounds its so bad currently, almost any Top Tier APFSDS Round can just go right thruh the turret that makes merks even worse. I would rather play the Ariete since its atleast not a big target

Cons of Merks

  • Slow Speed
  • Slow Reload
  • Big Targets
  • No Armor against KE
  • Poor gun depression (7 Degrees is T80 Level since their turret is angled down a bit)

I believe the addition of new israeli vehicles would partially solve it. Most likely we’ll see more israeli vehicles and I am quite sure Gaijin is working on them.

Either way, I believe they should put more energy on adding these new vehicles. Rather than adding vehicles to nations that don’t need new vehicles. Example being 2S38 for Russia, but that’s another discussion.

The Merkava is severely handicapped only because it got the following pros:

  • Trophy Active Protection System (it’s so unreliable anyways so you might as well skip this point)
  • Good mobility - It does have good mobility, reversal and acceleration is good but that’s about it
  • Amazing CE protection - Yeah that would be great, but Merkava isn’t fighting insurgents; And its armor is better in real life

Regardless, addition of new unique weaponry (LAHAT, SPIKE) etc to Israel would definitely solve the issue of lack of variety in top tier and would perhaps encourage more to play Israel.


I recently got the Mk4B and had a few matches where I was like “wow this is pretty nice bouncing and surviving these hits!” before the depression set it that no, it wasn’t its armor, it was sheer luck. I’ve been getting lol-penned match after match in it or let alone every time I spawn it and regardless if I go hull down or not, I’m watching apfsds pass effortlessly though. It irks me to the point where I’m using the Mk3 C/B more than the Mk4. at this point if the armor stays like that ill just take a mk3d because at least then I won’t have to expose a turret nearly 1/3 the size larger.


Not only top rounds but even 3BM42,DM33 and M900 can penetrate any Merkava 4’s turret armor.

Reload should be at least 6 seconds with ace crew, in order to be Merkava 4 loader you have to load the shell at least in 6 seconds but in warthunder it doesnt even come close.

Front armor section cant stop kornet missiles despite multiple evidence and photos shows turret can stop kornet without any major issue.

Hull armor is even worse, it cant even stand against M735 or M774, considering both rounds are so obsolete and old in modern time, this shows how gaijin poorly modelled Merkava’s.


Even CE protection level is wrong.


i got overpressured by a Leopard 2 Heat in the MK 4 so yeah pretty unrealistic


Yeah those vehicles really needs a buff, if reload rate is a balance factor in this game, then merkavas 4 should have 5-6 sec reload on top crew, and to be honest its should be 5, like challengers 2 got, since its even worse tank than challenger 2 BK etc, better mobility but thats all, this joke armor is really bad… they should atleast make its a nice shoot spammer, like literally theres any reason to play it compared to other vehicles? U can have 4 sec reload on type 10 which is better in any way than merkavas 4
Gaijin propably dosnt gonna fix merkava armor, theres no realistic armor values in this game in any tank and balanced neither, look at steel beasts for example, here only russian magic 40t tanks can have stalinium armor when nato 60t tanks have 0, so atleast they should give 5 sec reload for merkavas, still poo since u can just play type 10 but atleast its gonna be playable, now its just unplayable, u really need to be masochist to play with israel top tier.

I hope they will add south korea as a new tree soon, so maybe they atleast not gonna broke K2…

Is there even a reason Gajin recently uptiered all the Merkavas, then tried to balance it by giving them a mediocore round that doesn’t make a difference since all early Merks see top tier with literally no armor, what was the point.

According to IDF Merkava 4M reload rate is 4.7sec
The issue is that GJ doesn’t accept the source from a marketing video.
If anyone has relevant, legally obtained, documents please send them to GJ.

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I have the 2D, it seems to be really strong, just a bit slow. I like the M4’s appearance. Since I’m used to playing with the Chally 2, playing with the Merkava is like playing with an Abrams for me. I can play aggressively and be an efficient brawler in matches. I thought this tank had been buffed because it doesn’t make sense for the Merkava 2D to withstand multiple APFDS rounds from T80BVM, M1A2, and other tanks, while the Merkava M4 is not performing well. Are you sure the issue isn’t skill-related?

I simply refuse to play with Abrams and Russian tanks, among other tanks from other nations that are overpowered. I could grind for the TKX, but I don’t have any premium vehicles, so it’s not worth it. In Israel, I already have the Barak II and the 2D; I just need the Merkava M4.

That claim doesnt even come close to bein real.

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Perhaps it’s a lack of skill on the part of the players, but I found this tank impressive; its frontal plate is on par with the M1A2 in terms of survivability. Even if penetration occurs, there is a great chance of survival. Normally, with the Challenger 2, it’s a one-hit kill.

İt is.

For 9.3 its good.


Assuming it didnt kill you first penetration will cripple you down, upcoming shot will kill you.

And where are the cope cages

Honestly I’m recently got enough of Merkavas BS tanking they have too much spots where rounds just do nothing.

I don’t know what you’re talking about, man. I play 11.7, 2D+ Barak II, and despite the 2D being slow, I can have a good match.

These are Merkava4M armor values against DM53 at top tier.

And these are Merkava2D’s armor values against DM53 at top tier.

İ dont wanna be rude but you have no idea what you’re talking about, claiming Mk2D has superb survivalbility at top tier while Merkava4M’s armor is basically joke against anything it faces at top tier is nothing but a false claim.

Also i wouldnt call that a good experience considering your average performance in MK2D at top tier(which is normal since MK2D shouldnt face top tier tanks).


If it’s better than a Challenger 2, then it’s worth it