Merkava Spall Liners

Merkavas have spall liners. Here is a site that says so: Merkava Mark I (1979) (

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A random site on the internet ain’t quite much of a source…


Are there any other sources that can validate this? Just one source could be incorrect

They have their sources linked at the bottom. If you insist on them being unprofessional and lying, I can attempt to find where they got that piece of info from, however some of the sources are not hyperlinks so it would take some digging to find a possible recording of their interviews. I do doubt however that they would randomly fib something in with no motive or benefit, combined with my faith in humanity lol.

Edit: I do understand the wish for another source though, it is just difficult to find many as you may know. And of course, yes, this is to balance the vehicles in a more technical sense, not that spall liners would even be that useful at lower BRs. Would be nice on the Mk 3s and up though, especially when the counterparts almost all have spall liners, and that wouldn’t be much of a stretch to add without evidence for, since I also haven’t found evidence against spall liners.

I doubt Merkava 1 had spall liners, havent seen a single picture showing such. And theres plenty of pictures, of Merkava 1 interior.

I doubt it on the Mk 1 too, and probably the Mk 2 also. Maybe they meant the later variants? Or possibly it was only featured in some of the vehicles?

I would assume all Merkava 4’s have spall liners. I just honestly cant believe they would not have them considering the main threats they face.

Absolutely I agree. It would be nice on the Mk 3s too and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if they have them. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Mk 3s didn’t have them, but I tell ya, I would be disappointed.

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It appears one of the sources comes from a book by Osprey Publishing called “Merkava: Main Battle Tank, 1977-96” and I cannot find the books sources, but that is probably where the info on the spall liners comes from. The book does appear to cover all Merkavas.

I think Archive org has that book.

It appears to, didn’t even know about that, thank you!

Yea, I love that site and scribd. They have all the rare books regarding German ww2 end of war projects.


that web give the link and source too
M68_(tank_gun) merkava generic Merkava Mark I

but as i go though, i cant see any of spall liner in those link

but these site got a lot of Namer’s picture

Yeah I couldn’t find them in the links, trying to go through the other sources that aren’t links. Didn’t find anything about spall liners in the Osprey book, however I did see some interesting things. Here’s the link for that: new-vanguard-021-merkava-main-battle-tank-1977-199. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

not sure is this spall liner or not but it look like it and in another hand. it soo small to be it lol

I am not entirely sure, I’m no expert of course so maybe someone with a better eye can confirm hopefully

There are definitely some panels in many shots but they could just be extra metal sheets(?) but I don’t see welds on the edges of most if not all that I see so maybe they are spall liners. Basically everything is painted over though which makes this difficult. Also that is a Mk 4 so there are probably a lot of things they can’t show us or may have modified and/or covered.

what is that in the front of the cannon beat