Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC: The Urban Warrior

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200px-Flag_of_the_Israel_Defense_Forces_ Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC: The Urban Warrior Badge_of_the_Israeli_Defense_Forces_2022


A Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC during exercises.

  • Description:
    • The Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC (or Low Intensity Conflict) is an urban warfare modification of the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet, the latest iteration of the Merkava 3-series of main battle tanks that have been developed in Israel. Development of the original Merkava 3 began in 1983 to design a main battle tank capable of outgunning the latest Soviet-era main battle tanks used by neighboring countries. The main focuses was firepower, survivability, and mobility, all key to a main battle tank concept. The Merkava 3 features several upgrades over the Merkava 1 and Merkava 2. The Merkava 3 would undergo a series of modifications, learning from the many different middle-east conflicts in the late-20th century and early-21st century. Production of the Merkava 3 ceased in 2003, with several hundred being built. The Merkava 4 is now the primary variant of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).
    • The Merkava 3 LIC was one of the last developments of the Merkava 3 family. The development of the LIC package started after 2005 with lessons learned from the previous 5 years of conflict. With urban fighting intensifying, crew survivability was of heightened importance as it is easy to replace a tank, but not the lives and all the training of the crew. One of the main focus points of the Merkava 3 LIC is the IMI MG251 120mm Smoothbore gun which was manually loaded by the Loader. This coupled with ammunition and the KNIGHT Fire Control System developed by Elbit Systems, allowed for extremely accurate ‘rounds-on-target’ capability. The KNIGHT FCS is an advanced system that offers an easy to use User Interface that integrates a laser rangefinder and thermal imager used by the Gunner. Coupled to this is a panoramic sight for the Commander to allow for effective Hunter-Killer capabilities. Some ammunition that’s used by the Merkava 3 LIC include the M322 APFSDS-T (which has a muzzle velocity of 1,705m/s), the M325 HEAT-MP-T, and M339 HE-MP-T. It can also be configured to fire the LAHAT gun-launched anti-tank guided missile, a relatively new development. The Merkava LIC has a coaxial FN MAG 60-40 7.62mm Machine Gun, and 2 other FN MAG 60-40 7.62mm Machine Gun mounted on the top of the turret. For the LIC upgrade, a M2HB 12.7mm machine gun was installed above the barrel and can be fired from within the vehicle. The Merkava 3 LIC is powered by a frontally positioned Teledyne Continental AVDS-1790-9AR Diesel Engine that outputs 1,200hp. This is coupled to a Ashot Ashkelon Hydromechanical Automatic Transmission that features 8-forward gears and 4-reverse gears. This vehicle layout increases survivability of the crew as well as allowing more rearward space to move equipment and personnel. Next to the engine is the Driver, who has access to 3 periscopes with one equipped with night vision capability. Per the LIC upgrade, the Driver also has access to a video camera located on the back of the vehicle. This is especially useful when navigating urban terrain or gaining situational awareness. For armor protection, the Merkava 3 LIC as replaceable modular composite armor located on the top of the turret and turret sides. Additional armor is found on the turret and hull however its makeup remains classified. The Merkava 3 LIC is also equipped with mine protection armor that protects and redirects blasts from mines and IED’s. Part of the LIC upgrade, the Merkava LIC features ball chains mounted behind the turret to protect against grenades and other projectiles from disabling the turret ring or other equipment. Other modifications from the LIC package include lights for operating on roads, mesh guards over the exhaust, vents, and optics, pole markers with LED tips, anti-slip coating, towing points for vehicle recovery, and more. For countermeasures the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC is equipped with the 2x IS-6 Smoke Grenade Launchers that deploy 12x 66mm Smoke Grenades as well as 3x PIANO Laser Warning Receivers (two are mounted on the rear-sides of the turret, one underneath the M2HB 12.7mm machine gun) that provide near 360-degree protection from laser-guided munitions and targeting systems. Also installed is a Soltam Grenade Mortar that can launch additional smoke grenade shells. The Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC increases survivability and capability of the Merkava 3 platform. The Merkava 3 LIC has operated in many combat fields before being put into a secondary role as the Merkava 4 and its variants gained traction.
  • Disclaimer:
    • This is my first Israeli suggestion (other than ammo additions for the Merkava 2D) as well as one of my favorite tanks. If anyone has any questions or if I missed any details, please share in the comments and I’ll be happy to make corrections. Please share a source as well. :salute:
    • Special thanks to @Merkko for his help in creating this suggestion!
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Main Battle Tank
    • Origin:
      • Israel
    • Manufacturer:
      • Mantak/IDF Ordnance Corps
    • Armament:
      • Primary: 120mm IMI MG251 Smoothbore Gun
        • Ammunition:
          • M322 APFSDS-T
          • M325 HEAT-MP-T
          • M339 HE-MP-T
          • GL-ATGM
            • LAHAT
      • Coaxial: FN MAG 60-40 7.62mm Machine Gun
      • Tertiary:
        • FN MAG 60-40 7.62mm Machine Gun
        • FN MAG 60-40 7.62mm Machine Gun
        • M2HB 12.7mm Machine Gun (Above main gun)
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 7.60m (9.04m with main gun forward)
      • Width: 3.72m
      • Height: 2.66m
      • Weight: ~66t
    • Mobility :
      • Engine: 1,200hp Teledyne Continental AVDS-1790-9AR Diesel Engine
      • Max Speed: ~60km/h (10-11km/h reverse)
      • Transmission: Ashot Ashkelon Hydromechanical Automatic Transmission (8-forward, 4-reverse)
      • Suspension: Helical Spring
  • Crew (4):
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
    • Loader
  • Features:
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • PIANO Laser Warning System
    • 12x 66mm IS-6 Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Soltam Grenade Mortar (Fires Smoke Grenades)
    • ESS
    • Armor:
      • Integrated Composite
      • Modular Composite Addon Armor
      • Mine Protection Plating
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: EL-OP Integrated Thermal Imager
      • Commander: EL-OP Panoramic Sight (Night Vision Device)
      • Driver: Night Vision Periscopes and Mounted Cameras (Night Vision Device)
  • In-game :
    • With the latest variant of the Merkava 3, the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet already in use within the U.S. Ground Forces Tree as an event vehicle, the Israel Ground Forces Tree lacks the capability to use it. However, using the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet with the LIC (Low Intensity Conflict) kit, this will allow it the opportunity to be added to the tree under the guise of the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC. The Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC will operate very similarly Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet already in-game but will offer a few more (mainly cosmetic) features such as anti-grenade nets, rear video camera, and small armor improvements. Some of this is seen on the in-game variant in the U.S. Tree however, the current in-game variant IS a standard Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet. The Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC can fill the gap between the Merkava 3C and Merkava 4B, fitting between the BR 10.3-10.7.
    • Also with Israel implemented, adding the White Chevron decal to the Israeli tree for vehicle markings would be beneficial as it is seen on most vehicles including the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 10.3-10.7.
  • Sources:
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Another view of the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC. Notice the non-slip coating on the hull.


A Merkava 3 LIC maneuvering through city streets.






Image dump of the Merkava 3 LIC.


Modular armor layout used on the Merkava 3 LIC.

merkava-3-baz-lic.jpg.fbab24b59fe255fcc5 merkava-3-baz-lic-rear.jpg.c9e44eb150c38

Front and rear views of the Merkava 3 LIC.

merkava-protected-sight.jpg.01d5698d7cf9 merkava4-panoramic-lic.jpg.658124c4f286b merkava-panorama.jpg.18202d1efa9457d5b20

Image description left to right: Wire mesh over the the Gunner’s Optic and Commander’s Panoramic Sight. Pole LED light.


View of the ball chains mounted on the rear of the turret.


PIANO Laser Warning System components.


The different rounds used by the Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC. (Left to Right: M322 APFSDS-T, M325 HEAT-MP-T, M324 TPCSDS-T, and M339 HE-MP-T. The last one is a 155mm HE shell.)


The LAHAT GL-ATGM designed for 120mm guns.


A Merkava Siman 3 Dor Dalet LIC model kit showcasing some parts of the LIC modification.

Merkava mk3 - YouTube

Video of the Merkava 3 Dor Dalet LIC.


+1 I love the Mk3’s and it’s a shame that we don’t have the IIID yet in the tech tree. I’ve been praying we get it soon. I also like how you pointed out the issue with Israel lacking the white chevron as an available decal. If I recall it was a DMM exclusive which only a handful of players even have and makes everyone left to improvise how to create one. Going back the Merkava MK3D if implemented it would probably be foldered after the 3C.

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Honestly, I don’t understand why the Mk.3D isn’t already in the Israeli tech tree, especially since it’s already present in game as an old US event vehicle (same with just the basic Merkava Mk.1 at 9.0 in RB).


It’s because it is an event vehicle and has worth on the market so adding it to Israel would devalue it even though it’s in a separate tree. Adding it as the LIC variant instead of the standard like in the USA tree is the only way to get it to the tree sadly.

On a side note, I hope someone does a Namer suggestion soon. 😅


Both Namer and Eitan suggestions were made by @PenguinRed on the old forums (as well as both were considered by the devs), so it will be unfair if someone were to repost his work.


It’s fair to repost it with there permission

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I don’t understand why Warthunder doesn’t care about the Israel tech tree

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If you wanna repost them again, go ahead, but as Merkko said, it was already passed to the developers.
One can’t really achieve much more with the Suggestions on here.

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Me as well, but I think good times will come for Israel sooner or later. Community has suggested lots of unique and cool stuff for Israel. I’m happy to see my suggestions like FFVD, Mi-24V Mission 24 and Gazelle being passed to developers. Just as other great suggestions by other creators like Lavi, HVSD/ADAMS, Namer, Eitan, Hafiz and many more.

+1. Im the only who think these fat boys look different and by that look fantastic?

I definitely agree with you
I hope Gaijin behaves better in the future and offers a better game

Expand Israel! Give it the love it deserves!

Thanks but I’m good. If someone else wants to by all means. I’m burnt out on suggestion making tbh. I was just saying in general if someone wanted to repost something, just ask the original author

I pray for this to be added alongside Mk3M

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Same. It’s the only hope for the 3D since the actual one is an event vehicle in the US tree.

With Raam Sagol coming as a premium I think Gaijin is trying to turn the Merkava 3 into some sort of Magach. We need the Mark 3M to make it a trio, and if we’re having another variant of the D then it’ll be too much bloat.

Hasn’t been fully confirmed yet. (Might be a GE prem tho)

It is. Leak list that was so far very acurate, mentions the Merkava Mk.3 Ra’am Sagol and says that the vehicle will be in a preorder pack.

Yes I’m aware, but 2 packs already got announced, so either something changed (maybe with the implementation of its weird aps) or it’s not ready for presentation, or most likely a GE prem sinc ehey announced pre-orders.