Merkava MK3 B/C wrong BR

Why do Merkava MK3 B/C have such a high BR of 11.0? Have the developers even played these vehicles at this BR? The Merkava constantly struggles at this BR and falls behind top-tier vehicles at every turn. For example, vehicles like the T-90A, ZTZ99 II/III, which are significantly more powerful than the Merkava MK3 and have similar ammunition, have a lower BR of 10.7. Please, Gaijin, explain where the logic is in this situation.

t-90A and ztz99 have reverse speeds 4km and no gun depression


Merkava MK3 have worst armor from tank on 10.0/10.3 BR, gen1 termo, low speed.

it has a good gun with a good round and not bad turret armor and for gen1 look to leo2a6 or strv122
and for comper in 11.0 look to type-90, it has DM-33 with no armor in any place with gen-1 too and it 11.0 only for 4s reload

At least it is better than Ariete or Leopard 2PL, these 2 are 11.3