Merkava Mk.4 reload

From Merkava 4 (M, LIC, B) reload time // // Issues

Merkava 4M, Merkava 4 LIC, Merkava 4B all suffers from very long reload times. Currently they have the slowest reload there is for a top tier MBT of 8.7 seconds by default! With expert/aced crew it takes 6.7 and 7.1 seconds, which is still very long. With 2 crew members left it takes over 17 seconds (default) to reload!!! This video proves, that a Merkava 4 can be reloaded in 5-5.5 seconds (from the moment loader presses the button to get ammo from the ammo rack, to load the shell into the breech). Also we can see how Merkava’s ammo rack works here. Pressing the button makes the round to exit ammo rack and fall right into loader’s hands, thus reducing the reload time, because loader doesn’t have to pull the round from the ammo rack manually like it is in M1 Abrams tanks.

Another thing is that M1 Abrams tanks with 120mm gun received a reload buff lately for balancing issues (it was heavily underperforming) and in my opinion both tanks suffer from the same thing. Both tanks are very easy to take out, without even aiming precisely we are bound to inflict heavy damage to these vehicles. Random shot to the Merkava will mostly take out 2 of its crew members, leaving it with 17 seconds reload, just because it lacks any armor. The tank isn’t able to defend itself in any situations. Also Merkava 4 has quite a lot of space inside, so the loader isn’t too cramped and should make for a faster reload.

Not to even mention Merkava’s huge size, which makes it very easy to spot by tanks and it’s perfect target for CAS and Assault Helicopters. These are the reasons Israel is barely played, Merkavas are very unpleasant to play.

All things considered, in my opinion Merkava 4s should receive a reload buff for balancing. Recent M1 Abrams’ reload buff
improved their performance, so it should be also given to Merkavas. No dxdiag needed.


I think you are right

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true dude

Gaijin accepts nothing, doesn’t accept videos; only what they think matters, period. They decide which tanks are meta or not and ignore any kind of video. In summary, Gaijin only cares about Germany and Russia. There are no sources, there is nothing.


according to the given files and truth,the reloading rate of merkava should be changed to 6.5s per second or even quicker,which is same as leo2 and ariete’s.the envrionment of top tier is unbalanced nowadays and gaijin shouldn’t ignore this and pay more attention to these subpar tanks.solution is easy,just nerf m1’s reload rate or improve merkava’s

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videos can be edited…
this isn’t a secret

how come you perform so badly with the turms if they care about russia ? :D

Top tier was never balanced & never will be …

although this game have already proved to be semihistorical or even fictional,and gaijin seldom cares our opinions,but we still need to speak out for those unbalanced tanks.the revolution last year has proved this,more you yell more attention gaijin will pay to,just think of the panzer4s,how they came to 3.7 from 4.3

First, it’s appearance. Second, it only serves for grind SL now, as I decided to focus on Israel. And the third thing I discovered is that quick grind is to stay alive throughout the entire match and score points.

ah yes the one time they listend to players xD
there so many unbalanced tanks on any br in any nation
that gajoob doesn’t give a F

ha for Sl grinding its better to play planes

And about the reload nobody knows why gajobble says tank X should have reload Z
if they would accept videos we could push some tanks down to 3 secs or 4 or smt
but thats for another day

Well, given that you have a fully skilled crew, this is true. If the loader is a newbie, then it takes certainly longer.

Unfortunately, GJ does not take any publicly available document as true and will not change. I forwarded a while ago a document about this fact, directly from the manufacturer of the Merkava 4M. GJ said not acceptable as it misses any blueprint that confirms the video facts of the manufacturer. They considered as a marketing gag.

Confidential information shall not be published, but at the same time public information is not accepted.

Reload in game is not correspondent to real live but it is instead a messure for soft balancing by gajin. This has always been that way

I support your resolution, the Merkava tank has received too much prejudice from Gaijin, 65.5 tons of paper protection and the slowest loading of the top 120mm tank makes me wonder if its purpose is to be slaughtered by the enemy


Merkava 4 (all) armor values too low and mislabeled. // // Issues

Now the Merkava has a reload time of 7.8 seconds, only the armor buff is missing

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