Merkava Mk 2B

Ok So I have submitted a bug report about this and it was instantly closed the same day saying that it was not a bug making me come to the conclusion that it was planned. The Topic of the forum post would be the vast difference between the American Merkava Mk2B and the Israeli Merkava Mk2B. The American Merkava Mk2B has the composite screen roof armor along with the 12.7mm on the barrel. The Composite screen on the roof has saved plenty of people from roof pen from HEATFS or even overpressure from HE it’s even helped with APFSDS rounds at the BR. The similarities of the two tanks is that they both have the same rounds, same armor protection (excluding the roof armor on the American one and not the Israeli one.) The issue is why would this not be a bug if the tank is blatantly missing parts that it had in real life and that its American counterpart has? Now it could be a difference in designation; however, when I brought it up on the bug report I was met with no explanation on why it wasn’t a bug. Both Tanks have the Merkava Siman 2 Bet so they must be the same models. So will there be any changes to the Israel Merkava Mk2B to add the missing 12.7mm and the roof composite screen since it had it IRL and the American counterpart has the missing items on it. It makes the grind and effort to get it meaningless since the Mk1 is better than the Mk2B since it has a 12.7mm and without the roof composite screen its roughly the same armor. Hopefully this discussion is seen and taken into account for the tank. If it is in the wrong section please inform me and I will place it in the proper section.

It really is a mistake in the name, the Israeli Merkava 2B is fine, what happens is that the one in the American tech tree should be called Merkava 2B Late or Merkava 2C, since that added shielding was used by Merkava 2B Late and the Merkava 2C .

I see well hopefully they add the Mk2C at some point and fix designation on the American Merkava Mk2