Merkava LIC Somethings Wrong....anyone else think its weird?

Why is it that in almost every encounter and i get hit once into the turret ALWAYS 2 Crewmeber dying in combination of either cannonbreach, gunmantlet, vertical or horizontal drive? Why is it always penning my turret in the first place despite the fact of wonderfull angles of the turret and its armor? After one hit that didnt kill me instantly i am just waiting for the second because the tank is USELESS after the first hit FRONTAL in the turret!

Second: M338 rounds bouncing a lot even on a BMP at 500 to 1000 meters, not doing anything against a russian T - Turret except bouncing…

Thats a JOKE!

it’s a russian game, what do you expect? The fact that they changed their tax residence to Luxembourg does not change who the producer is. You will play for a few years and you will get used to which nation is favored here