Merkava being a cardboard

So… like we all see, the Merkava M4 and other variants are kind of… Stupidly weak.
For example: The Merkava is the kind of tank in war thunder to either survive Infinite amounts 120mm of APFSDS Shells, or just die in one shot of a 20mm.
The armor of the Merkava M4 is much much more than that stupid cardboard thingy. Unlike in war thunder where it cannot even block rocks. I think the hull armor should be at least buffed. (It’s been a year…)


not this exaggerated, but yeah, i get you, it shouldnt be front-pen’d by 2S38’s or HSTVL’s

There should be some open bug reports on it. Should be improved eventually.

There is some but info it’s pretty límited

We tried that for the Challenger 2. They just nerfed it further instead of buffing it.

Classified info didn’t help…
Welp, I’m about to make the count go from 17 to 18

(Gayjin! This is a joke!)

This was from just one APFSDS Shell of a 20mm round into the front upper hull Armor.

And the second picture is if somebody would have sniped you from 2km (Which shouldn’t be possible.)
So yea, Merkava hull armor is bad.
And the side armor is just a joke!

And remember! This is a 20MM!!
Now, imagine a 105-120mm! That is just a 1 shot in every possible way.


if you have any proof of it having better kinetic armour irl, then go report it, other than that, complaining wont do anything without reports

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Perhaps the armor could be better against kinetic rounds when it gets accurate protection against chemical ammunition like Kornets. It’s supposed to be able to supposedly survive against them from the side in some areas, mainly the turret.

I mean, as far as I know it is classified information.
But common dude! The tank’s armor shouldn’t be THAT weak

i do understand what you mean, but no reports sadly wont bring you further to what you want to achieve

I did survive the test from the side armor, but the main hull just had a breakdown

So… You tell me that until we leak docs, then Israel Merkava players get Gayjin’d?

probably, yes, there is a report talking about it getting slightly more kinetic protection, but its still not in effect, even then, making a report and having it acknowledged doesnt mean it will instantly be in effect, its gonna take months, years, or will never occur

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Main bug report on the incorrect and inefficient armor.
A year old (acknowledged 6 months ago) and still nothing new on the matter sadly.

Well… Then… We are ducked

yea thats the one i meant

pretty much, yea, it might at the very least get some minor improvements, but without much more proof, it wont