Merkava being a cardboard

they werent, the “strongest” variant was the LIC, which later on got normal merk 4 armor like now ingame

like ngl, this doesnt look like it can stop high calibre modern apfsds rounds

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That’s an armor holes for some reason only found in the Merkava mk 4M i tested it out with a friend you can disable the engine with 50 cal if You hit it right

But most tanks at 11.7/12.7 use 120mm which can just one shot.
But when I shoot a 120mm at the leopard turret ring nothing happens.

try shooting below the breach, which normally works, turret ring is a horrible go since the diameter of the ring is shorter than the diameter of your shell, which leads to shell getting stuck in it, also known as volumetrics

Tried it in a few matches… either “No Pen” or “Hit”
Only got one time where I got the gun…
I got gayjin’d

how do you get so unlucky with that lol, only twice it has happened to me

I guess I didn’t feed the snail…
Last match I shot a Marder 1A3 straight in the hull armor and I got “Ricochet”

i totally confirm that the Merkava is made from plastic (ingame)

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Its not Swedish nor Russian, so what do you expect :(

the protection values on its armour make even plastic look good man

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Bro forgot to pray to the snail god

Are you shaming plastic?! It makes a 1mm paper look like an indestructible wall!
A 3mm thick paper puts this armor to shame.

A tank that can actually block a ww1 projectile…
Tried it with a friend and my ass got fucked in 2 shots

Front contains at least 215-250mm of RHA on top of over a meter LoS of composite. Yet it feels like in game it’s just the naked turret without the actual armor.

Photo not mine.

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Original image

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Hull wise, yeah, but it’s sloped.

Nothing can survive kornet. Otherwise it wouldn’t need iron fist on mk4. Well in game the latest merkava survives hull shots from kornets it’s extremely impressive imo. 1200+

The first merkavas have like 400-450 HEAT protection by using transmission and engine as sacrificial shield. Also impressive IMO

The Merkava Mk.4 can survive the Kornet, this is proven if I’m not mistaken. And to an extent, it’s said to survive side shots from it as well in certain areas.
The APS is there as it’s quite helpful with dealing with said munitions before any damage can be done to the vehicle, and that there are some areas that are more vulnerable to munitions like the Kornet that I’m assuming its helpful in protecting.

The kornet isn’t some invincible missile that penetrates everything and anything…

In game it can as well. Iirc mrkava4 has the best ever hull armour against HEAT