Memory leaks causing game to run out of memory. (Linux)

Every 2-3 games, vulkan runs out of memory. I opened HTOP and saw that every time the game renders a scene, the memory increases (obviously) yet, after the the game ends it doesn’t go back down.

I’m not a dev or software engineer or anything like that, but I believe what’s happening is WT allocates memory to render a map, and keeps it allocated for when you switch from ground to air, but then nothing un-allocates it when the match ends (or that process is bugged and doesn’t work). Or maybe, WT just simply never un-allocates any memory at all as repeatedly switching nations at the hangar also caused a game crash from running out of memory (and I mean like 2 minutes of switching what nation is selected).

How much system memory do you have?

I see the same increase in memory usage (starts from around 2.4 GB and increases to >6.2 GB) but this hasn’t reached alarming levels or caused a crash for me yet. So I am inclined to believe that its just the game caching maps/skins/models so they can be loaded faster.

I recommend creating a bug report regardless: Community Bug Reporting System