Meet Major Update “Sons of Attila”!

The only thing i’m disappointed about is that the tech tree changes essentially went out as they announced, even tho almost no one liked the way they were arranged.

We had two forum threads regarding this, i guess they turned useless (not much a surprise really, just… sadge)


I don’t like changing the vehicle’s stat card image. To me it looks like from a cheap mobile game.

I also don’t like the TT change. It would have been enough to simply adjust what was too much in the original TT (e.g. Challenger waves).
Technical continuity (likely similar playstyles in the game) is completely ignored and random vehicles are placed to fill the empty spots in the ranks (Leopard 2K, TKX, WZ1001). This hurts the technical flavor.
If the goal is simply to evenly distribute the number of vehicles on each line, why is the connection of each line (requires prior research) maintained? If the vehicles below and above the line are unrelated, wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to research the vehicle we want right away, without any prerequisites?


Its a shame that ATGM´s and SAMS are still not fixed:


VIDAR with Thermals + LRF, and great mobility. Why on earth is this thing at 7.7?

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Because its HE. 155 mm HE is unpredictable with the current game damage system

Gaijin can you not folder the Type 87 RCV and 89 together, the Type 89 deserves its own place :(

Just put the RCV with the prototype, no???

Also why is the TKX P in the light tank line huhhh

@Smin1080p Desperate ping lol

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LOL okay bud. 100% you bought the VIDAR, or are a sweden main. I’m sure you thought the Ikv 91 was fine when it was 6.7 too coz it has poor armor.

Maybe the WMA301 was fine back at 8.0 coz of its poor armor too? Massive wheeled chassis with poor gun depression is “unpredictable” in the current game matchmaker system :/

My one gripe with the update is that I was almost halfway through grinding the Leo 2K with 160k rp to go, and then it went up 100k rp. Now I’ve got 260k or something, which is just brutal. If that could’ve been improved, where we had time to finish where we were at or make it similar to new vehicles added where you have 3 weeks to get the vehicle below the new one before it becomes permanent, that would be appreciated.

U rarely used the ikv 91 and im personaly against ww2 vehicles facing cold war vehicles unless they fit in the criteria of it.

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Spaded vehicles apparently don’t store the mod RP anymore.

I spaded GR7 when it came out and have been taking it out when i feel like it.
Now i didn’t get the aim9m mod with all my extra RP after first match like before.

Ofcourse you still managed to mess up all my loadout presets…

@Smin1080p could you or a dev provide a proper reason to keep AIM-9P’s on the Barak II while the F-16A ADF and F-16C can go directly to the AIM-9L?

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if you think thats bad then i guess u havent noticed they lowere Rp multipliers on all vehicles so now the lowered rp cost dont mean shit cause you are stillgonna take the same amount of time grinding stuff i think that premium vehicles and TT Rp multipliers need to be reverted back to their original numbers

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And that makes it even worse. The grind has been made even longer. I would love to see the multipliers brought back to their original values.

@Smin1080p there are some explains about why the LITENING II pod of F-16C’s thermal resolution is more higher than Tornado ASSTA1’s one?

Where is RU server?

The SPz 12-3 LGS, it’s the cannon or the mechanic of shooting bugged after you get some modules broken the game says that you need to repair it, and even though you have completely fine, the game would not let you shoot

Nice. But as i see ,to if it would be added

  • a researchable Toldi II(Like Toldi IIA B20) variant,
  • 2S3 Acacia
  • a researchable 41M Turan II(Like 41M Turan II without Skirt) variant, for Hungarian tech tree
  • PZ III N for Swedish tech tree
    would be great costs nothing and +4 ‘new tank’ :)

Same reason why F16C has AIM9M locked behind 9 mods, when MIG29SMT gets R73 stock.

Because MONEY

Yeah, its a hardcore way of gaslighting.

‘‘here we fixed the grind’’ lowers RP multipliers and raises RP requirements.

Thank you Gaijin. :)


J8B`s Radar Scope Scale has been removed or is bugged since the update. It had 3 scope scales before and now only has the standard one.

Please fix!

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