Meet Major Update “Kings of Battle”!

The change of bases respawn times in ARB is the worst thing in this update. I hope earlier values will be reverted.

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is the cannon damage issue a bug? or is it just an adjustment

Hi there, im a long year player and im very upset about those S-24 changes that they are no longer fired one by one on all of mig21 variants (soviet and exported ones as well)…whose idea was that? It ruins the whole purpose of having a ballistic computer…in reality they were precisely shot one by one and NOT in pairs… it ruined mig21s CAS capabilities even more…and custom loadouts as well…i for example use 3 S-24s and AA missiles yet only 2 are usefull…one is being thrown away…what was it good for? Other nations have some great multirole jets for CAS at that same BR (9.3 - 11.3) like Sabres, f5s, g-91s, … yet only soviets got “nerfed”…as someone who’d spent countess of hours on playing i should know right? Well in my opinion and speaking on behalf of other players too, changing it back would be amazing…please devs, consider this option. Best regards, RoDe

Is there any update on the matter?

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I really wanted the F-111, JH-7A and M109 to be added and I also wanted night maps to come back but if night maps are only for High br and only for realistic battles that is a bit disappointing(I play arcade battles)

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According to experience: The good , the bad, the feedback and the Expectation

nice vehicle addition

The bad : the new map and modified ancient map
First time: When i saw new map income my first movement: put it as disliked map. Why? because i enought longer play this game, to know, when new map added the map rotator 9/10 time drop me into this map and when i dislike it after 1-2 battle , i not want to suffer on/with therese map(s).

In first impression its look like a map maked by diorama makeres, not mapper made, nice and cool but to play on it no thanks. Why? The answer is easy: (flandes image with titles). Shortly: mixed the following maps: maginot line+ardenes+normandia+(Wide park map from world of tank). +battlegound size above 250x250 unplayable, caused by his construction.

Expectation(nothing happend):
Vehicle re BR balance…(some example)
you forgot to modify some tanks BR also like:
-M4A3(105) from 3.0 to 3.3 because 2.0-2.7 BR tanks suffer from them(superior armor, one shot/kill gun… 50 cal HMG)
-Not removed Tiger H1 ,every earlier added disadvantage(no AA MG,No APCR round, have zero negative gun depression not not able to use his powerful frontal armor in hilly maps(attached tiger image))
-Panther F :from 6.0 to 5.7 , his front turet armor 120mm but 90% of tank on 4.7-5.7 BR have 130+ armor penetration skill.
-Panther II: suffers against 8.0 opponents(T-54,…) moreover have an irritative disadvantage: ammo sensitive: turet got hit(not matter where) and this shot is az APHE type ammo, a one of non-damaged ammo will blow up the whole tank or the ammo not gut hit/ not hit by a metal pieces(become red) it will explode.
-M4/T26 without APCR round useless againt Tiger II H
-Tiger II H suffers and useless agains 8.0-7.3 BR tanks(T-54,M48 pattons,IS-4M)(useless his armor(HEAT-FS rounds), outadated his gun and have bad mobility.) not to talk 4000+ his repair cost.
Tiger II P suffers: big,too weak his turet armor and a single shot from M18 hellcat(BR 5.7) or T-34/85(BR5.7) blow up the whole tank in frontside… and increased his BR not worth it … repair cost too expensive 4000+ . In most case, can do nothing in battle…

Restore the old map construction:
-Restore current destroyed: Jungle
-Restore current destroyed: American desert(From top side unplayable)
Added bonus, but not skill based: Best fit for PILOTS in tank battle…(PE-8,P-47D-25,Il-2,Do217E,P-63C)

New issues:
M109 variants destruction of Propelling Charge part of ammo will not blow up the tank.

Image list:
tigerH1 image

Flanders map is awesome.

Please tell us if the cannon fragment damage change is really a change or a bug. Gsh-23L M39 NR-23 AN-M2 Hispano ShVAK Type99-2 are all trash now, and this is extremely annoying for all ARB players.

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Wil there be wing fuel tanks for the f16’s ?

Eventually. I think they are prioritising airframes that would actually benefit from fuel tanks first. F-16s I think are fairly fuel effecient and so wouldnt be massively impacted by it. Much for the same reason the Harriers for example dont have any yet

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F-16s in the real world take off out of gas. Everything else is extremely good luck. Seriously, the F-16 is notorious for not having enough gas. That’s why they always hit the tanker before combat entry point and as soon as they leave the battle area.

63 days without my F9F-8 Cougar because of Gaijin!

🤔 Hmmmm…