Meet Major Update “Alpha Strike”!

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Welcome to Alpha Strike!

Meet War Thunder’s first major update of 2024! We’ve added several interesting ground vehicles, some of which include five rank VII premiums, the formidable Fox light-tank, to the interesting looking 120S and Zerstörer 45. Hungarian aircraft have now made their way into Italy’s tree, where you’ll be able fly a range of fully-capable aircraft in air and ground battles. The nimble Alpha jet has arrived for Germany and France, plus the warmly welcomed Wessex for Britain. Additionally, IJN Mutsu — featuring the largest guns in the game — is now ready to sail for Japan. North Holland is a new ground forces map, featuring a town and plain terrain, perfect for different combat engagements. And lastly, you can also enjoy several Roadmap additions, one of which is an aircraft fuel slider!

There’s plenty of bug fixes, new vehicles and other features in this update, so be sure to read on!

Ground Vehicles: Several interesting Ground Vehicles for all Nations!

Every nation has received at least one ground vehicle, meaning there’s plenty to choose from: first up, the USSR, Japan, Italy, Sweden and Israel each get a rank VII premium ground vehicle, helping to research faster. Next, the fantastic Fox light tank, capable of being a nuisance for enemies, is ready to research in Great Britain’s ground tree! Check out Germany’s new Zerstörer 45 from WWII, plus the USA’s Frankenstein looking 120S, which combines an M1A1 turret onto an M60A1 hull. Scoot & shoot using China’s capable ZBD-04A light tank that can fire ATGMs from its barrel and APFSDS rounds from its automatic cannon. To round it all off, France can enjoy the VTT DCA SPAA for the lower tiers.

Strv 121B Christian II Pack

  • Strv 121B Christian II (Rank VII, Sweden)
  • Premium account for 20 days
  • 2500 Golden Eagles


Zerstörer 45


FV721 Fox




  • ZSU-23-4M4
  • T-80UD (Premium)

Great Britain



Aircraft: Alpha Jets & Hungarian Aircraft take Center Stage!

Meet Alpha Strike in the air! This is the nimble Alpha jet for Germany and and France, capable of providing perfect ground strikes. Hungary’s air force makes an appearance, where you’re going to enjoy aircraft ranging from WWII classics such as the IL-10, to jets such as the MiG-15bis, and to top it all off, the JAS39C. The full list is in the changelog! In addition to this, there’s the formidable rank VIII F-20A Tigershark premium pack for the USA, plus several aircraft for other nations too, including the Martel-capable Buccaneer S.2B, WWII classic Bf 109 C-1, F-5E FCU squadron vehicle, and the solid Su-25SM3. Happy flying!

F-20A Tigershark Pack

The Kit Includes:
  • F-20A Tigershark (Rank VIII, USA)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 20 days


JAS39C (Hungary)

Alpha Jet

Bf 109 C-1

Buccaneer S.2B

Great Britain


  • Su-25SM3


  • F-15J — unique detailed cockpit added
  • F-5 FCU (Squadron vehicle)



  • BAZ — unique detailed cockpit added


Hungarian subtree:

  • Yak-9P
  • Tu-2S-59
  • IL-10
  • IL-28
  • MiG-15bis
  • MiG-17PF
  • Su-22M3
  • MiG-21MF
  • MiG-21bis-SAU
  • MiG-23MF
  • MiG-29 (9-12B)

Helicopters: The wonderful Wessex, plus shiny new Apache Cockpits!

Great Britain now has the interesting looking Wessex HU Mk.5, which can provide good fire support thanks to its AS.11 and 12 missiles. Furthermore, the USA and China has each received the AH-1W, which features plenty of Hellfire missiles for use against tanks! We’ve also given all AH-64 variants a brand-new fully detailed cockpit, and last but not least, Israel now has the AH-60 Battle Hawk that can fire Spike ER missiles!

Wessex HU.5


  • AH-1W
  • AH-64A, AH-64D, AH-64A Peten, AH-64A (GR), YAH-64 — unique detailed cockpit and helmet-mounted display system has been added

Great Britain

  • Wessex HU Mk.5
  • AH Mk.1 Apache — unique detailed cockpit and helmet-mounted display system has been added


  • AH-64DJP — unique detailed cockpit and helmet-mounted display system has been added



  • AHS — unique detailed cockpit and helmet-mounted display system has been added


  • AH-60
  • Peten, Saraph, AH-64A Peten — unique detailed cockpit and helmet-mounted display system has been added

Naval Vehicles: A new Record Holder for the Largest Guns!

There’s now a new vehicle with the biggest weapons in the game, and that’s the IJN Mutsu — this battleship features deadly 410 mm guns! 4 other nations have received ships: Great Britain the handy HMS Diamond premium, USA the new end-line USS Dealey Coastal fleet ship, Italy the RN Bolzano Heavy Cruiser, France the Kleber and new the end-line Bretagne Battleship for its Bluewater fleet. Time to set sail!

IJN Mutsu


  • USS Dealey (DE-1006)


  • RN Bolzano

Great Britain

  • HMS Diamond (Premium)


  • Kleber
  • Bretagne


Locations & Missions: North Holland for Ground Forces!

Meet the North Holland location, which is a new ground forces map that features a stunning city and a large mall that you’re able to drive your vehicle inside of. We’ve based this new location on one of War Thunder’s most popular ground maps according to likes, Eastern Europe. In one area, there’s beautiful red lamps that illuminate the street, additionally there’s plenty of streets and open areas for several types of combat engagements! Besides this, for Air Realistic Battles we’ve added the new Golan Heights mission for top tier, where you’ll spawn in the sky instead of the airfield. Check it out!

North Holland

Additions from the 2024 Roadmap!

Following on from the Spring to Summer 2024 Roadmap, we’ve implemented several new features as previously planned.

To start, the highly anticipated aircraft fuel slider (within previous constraints) is now here, duplicated stock air-to-air missiles have been resolved, and minimap aircraft detection zones in ground battles have been added. Next, we’d like to share that some time ago we already implemented the improved synchronization of object destruction to production, and have extensively tested it ourselves and have closely watched reports about it. This feature is now completed.

Furthermore, there’s now new tutorial missions for different types of missiles that can be accessed through the “Tutorial” menu from the hangar, and there have been improvements to the replenishment mechanics while at capture zones in ground battles. Oh, you can also change the displayed items in the killfeed to whatever you want!

New Mechanics & Features: Sensor View Mode in Replay and a FCS for Naval Battles!

The amount of guided weapons, sensors and radars has grown, and to help, we’ve added a new sensor view mode when you’re watching a replay. Simply click this button and the visualization of the game world will change: the terrain, vehicles and more. This mode shows the operation of the radar and other interesting data of vehicles all across the map. You’re able to change marker filters, sensor filters and weapon parameters to what’s most interesting to you, so make sure to check it out and play around with it to see what you can learn!

We’ve also implemented a new Fire Control System interface for naval vessels. This is shown in the top left, and displays the heading angle and target speed allowing you to get a more accurate direction and speed of an enemy ship to help with leading when firing. There’s more information about this in the changelog!

There’s plenty more to look through!

Not every new feature can be listed here, so we’ll go through some briefly: some modern tanks have received unique engine sounds, you’re also now able to use a nuclear carrying aircraft when you acquire enough spawn points instead of needing to leave your current vehicle, and we’ve expanded the number of positions that decorations can be placed on ground vehicles. There’s also flight model adjustments for the Mosquito and Javelin! All-in-all, there’s many bug fixes and and other changes, so be sure to check out the full changelog. Have fun in War Thunder’s first 2024 major update!

Download the update and join the battle!



You forgot add proper armor values on cr2 and damage model.


Dont get me wrong love the work that is going into italy, but their mbts still need alot of help. The gun is the same as the leo 2s, but with worse armor, reload, mobility, and no spall liners. the only thing they have is better thermals, but the 2pso and 2a7 have the same thermals.

Hell, yes! It. Is. HERE. Let’s go, boys!! 💪

Skin crate when?

@Stona_WT Is it still the case that you get the pre-order bonus when you buy the package on the Xbox? in the next two weeks?

I am still chocked that gaijin has NO clue on who made the gripen… SAAB is a swedish company who have made the airplane IT’S SWEDISH!!! GAIJIN!?

It’s probebly a good reason for this. gaijin hates sweden or they don’t have the ability to understand.
I mean sweden has had a HUGE area of russia and europe so that must mean that sweden will get the T-14 armata before russia?
It’s a simple reason right?

clueless Gaijin. it always shows how they work.

i cant play warthunder because gaijin continue update the game it make my pc cant download new version to play i dont have enought GB to download i hope gaijin fix it lighter thank
TRAN ANH TU from vietnam

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We’d like to say that we’ll be adding the JAS39C for Sweden in the first major update of 2024. For the upcoming major update we’re still planning the A variant for Sweden and the C for the British tree (South African), with both variants having very similar loadouts, being almost identical in many areas. - Smin1080p, Community manager

Well, where is swedish Gripen C?

Congratz gaijin you managed to screw germany again
First bagel nerf
And added a stealth nerf to leopard 2a5 turret ring, thank you :)

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The new naval “shot clock” widget seems redundant. You can already see the fall of shot and your own damage schematic shows your guns orientation to the target. Is there a way of turning it off? I would like to have that bit of screen real estate back.

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Anyone else suddenly have massive HDR problems? everything is just mega bright and overly saturated, even on low settings.

Many very good QOL updates this time around :) me like :)

it is however sad to see so many countries only getting a premium vehicle and no tech tree vehicle this update :/
and i have been hoping for the Jas39C for Sweden for months now…

Me too. Had to disable HDR. Hope they fix it soon.


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comes with the Aim 120

As stated here, few weeks ago:

After development changes and consideration, this aircraft has been moved to another major update in the future. This is when it can be added in a more appropriate manor where it’ll have more meaningful differences between the C and current A variant, as currently, the Swedish C variant would not be significantly different or have any improvements if it were to be introduced at the moment.


Not sure if this is working as intended…

I was flying a match in my plane (Italian Spitfire Vb / trop), sure got shot at, scored an assist, then the enemy team was almost dead, one enemy remaining, everyone shoots at ground targets to work on tickets. After my ammo is depleted, I fly towards airfield for rearm… but on the way there, the final enemy is shot down and suddenly two planes of my team, mine included, fall out of the sky because of “severe damage”.
In the log, it is listed as “crashed” and that I received the severe damage earlier.
Mind, while flying I did not notice ANY severe damage at all. No “Press J to eject” or anything. Not even handling issues! Just a few holes in the fuselage…

Had I known that I would be considered nearly dead I would have tried to land earlier…

During the match I had NO WAY TO KNOW that this damage would be considered “severe”…

Replay in question: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On


another useless copy paste subtree in italy
bruh russian tree in US tree when?

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anyone feels that radar missle, or atleast the aim7m, get nerfed hard this update?? before this update i can reliably lock aim7m with 2 red circle and maintain it from 10km away using f16c and now it can barely get a lock from 5km away, and it seems to always lose its lock after launch