Mechanics Wishlist

Since there are quite a few wish lists emerging, why not add this one too?


This list should not be reserved only for the person who comes up with the idea (I mean that only he can write the idea he wrote here in the official suggestions), I’m lazy, I’ll write below about the mechanics that I would like to see introduced, but for me, you can take my suggestion and propose it yourself, because I’m lazy.

Note at the end of the page

To help those who create the suggestion, it would be great if we made the suggestion in such a way that it was well understood and understood by the moderators, so we try to follow a logic anyway.


Name of the mechanic, what it would do in the game and why it should be added.

Mechanics List:

1. Recharge fire extinguishers at capture points

When for various reasons we run out of fire extinguishers during the game, there is no way to recharge them in some way, this mechanic would allow people to recharge the fire extinguishers at the capture points to always have them available, I don’t think it is mandatory for them to replenish both charges if one has the search with both fire extinguishers, but at least always having a spare, it would help.

2. An ammo deposit behind the spawn

No, I’m not trying to favor the camper at the spawn.

How many times in top tier has it happened to you, with the addition of the new mechanic of the explosive panels that save you when the double ammunition site is hit, you run out of ammunition because you didn’t bring much and maybe you’re right at the start of the game?
This storage behind the spawn would allow you to recharge all the ammunition you have people just once, perhaps only for the first 3 minutes of the game and then it is deactivated, perhaps it will only be added in the top tier, this is still a draft idea, I’m still thinking about it.

3. Automatic fire extinguishers.

Come on, I don’t need to say anything else, modern tanks have automatic fire prevention systems, I’m tired of pressing the button to put out the fire every time, when the tank could already do it automatically.

“But maybe I don’t want the cart to turn off automatically”, then add a key combination to deactivate it.
Obviously I’m only talking about tanks that have this function.

4. Acquisition of low-flying helicopters (tanks)

Many modern tanks have the ability to acquire helicopters at low altitude and follow where they go, just like top tier IFVs or anti-aircraft, only they can only do it up to a certain elevation, that would be really nice. see a mechanic that allows tanks to defend themselves, at the beginning of the game, from crazies in helicopters raiding the spawn
(This idea is still a draft in my head, if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them)

5. The ability to locate where a launched missile or shot is coming from

(I’ve heard of this feature on tanks, but know very little about it)

In practice it would allow you to know, within a 360° radius, where the enemy shots or missiles have been fired in your direction, with the possibility of auto-locking the enemy, in practice the tank sees, the tank knows, the tank engages and fires automatically.
I realize that perhaps this mechanic could be defined as an aimbot, perhaps it would be worth revisiting for a moment, as I said, some of the suggestions are a bit of thoughts.

Obviously if someone has a problem with the mechanics present in the game, they could always make a proposal to revisit them, such as:

  1. The care of the crews, in my opinion, should not be automatic, but rather it should be possible to care for the crews only at the capture points… etc etc

  2. The stunned crew mechanic is a bad idea because…

  3. The additional modules are fine, but the costs of repairs for the individual modules should not be increased or necessarily researched because…etc etc

  4. We already have too many fires inside a tank, I don’t want any more…

I have given some examples (what I think) on current topics to help you better understand how to express your contrary opinions, without offending.


If you have to criticize someone, at least express yourself without arguing, in the end the suggestion that will receive the most positive votes “wins” once it is officially created in the specifics section.

Custom belts for aircraft. With suspended ordinance presets and fuel sliders added, this only makes sense. It won’t change as much as some people think it will (just like custom ordinance presets), however it will make some planes just a tad more fun to play. A few examples that desperately require this would be:

Hispano 404/mk2/mk5
Browning 7.7mm
Mauser BK27

and a few others

What this will also accomplish is allow players to make ‘stealth’ belts for different purposes (air-air, air-ground or multipurpose) or learn to use a certain caliber by gradually reducing the amount of tracers.


I dont know what other nations had in terms of different ammo production, but germany, WOW, if all of the different rounds would be added with custom belts would be so nice, you could make your betls fitting your rolle.
20mm Mg 151/FF/M
Ap, Aphe, Ap-I, Aphe-T, ApI-T

He-T, HeI-T, HeI (m)

I, I-T

And most with and without Sd. available. And also Tracer or night tracer.

3,7 cm Bk 37
3x Ap rounds (Pzgr. 18, M-Pzgr and H-Pzgr

Sprgr. 18 (umg.) L’Spur, Brsprgr L’Spur, Brsprgr. o. L’Spur (no tracer and far higher filler)
M-Gr. 18

5 cm Bk 5, also the Pzgr 39, Pzgr. 40, Sprgr. 38 (but with 250g HTA), and 2x Minengeschosse, 1 with and 1 without tracer.

20mm Mg C/30 L (on the He 112 A-0) You got lots of different rounds.

Here are pretty much all rounds. (Tho still a bit WIP)

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The classic regenerative steering for me.

Also would be cool for tank engines to have unique torque curves with actual torque values, which isn’t something that WarThunder does at the moment.

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If the pressure relief valve catches fire, it should be counted as death, rather than waiting for the fire to extinguish as if nothing had happened

Improvement on transmission modeling, so Type 10 CVT actually does something.

Also improve engine modeling, so Leclerc Hyperbar does something.

Modular rocket customization, so we can finally select HE-VT APKWS with high impulse rocket motor or HEAT APKWS with standard rocket motor.

Full implementation of relaxed stability in flight models, and player set “soft” AoA limits per aircraft. Basically you’d be able to tell the game “don’t pull harder than this unless X” to rate fight people better. The radius fighters (Mirage, etc) will still have their capability to pull very hard and burn speed, but they won’t be pulling super hard all the time if not needed. This should make RU gen 4 jet fighter aircraft much better to fly, as well.

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Can you explain to me how it works in reality?

This would be a really useful thing

I was thinking, if it’s not already in the game, modeling the missiles and radars for future air-to-ground missiles, like the Brimstone or the already present Kh-38, it wouldn’t be bad to have the ability to fire a missile that only targets the anti-aircraft, also the anti-aircraft could have a mechanic that allows them to detect incoming missiles, as well as the addition (top left, where the green circle is) of something that allows you to see the altitude and distance from your vehicle.

A steering system that is regenerative means that both tracks are powered even when turning, with power being diverted from the innermost track to the outermost track, meaning that while the inner track slows down, the outer track actually speeds up, which means speed is kept a lot better during a turn.

Normally this is achieved with differentials, and there are far too many regenerative steering systems to list them all.

Problem is that the way WarThunder does it there is no power being diverted. The only thing that happens is one track slowing down, but the opposite track never speeds up, which means a lot of tanks lose far more speed when turning than they should.

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I think the armament of the aircraft should be able to be changed on landing and not only being intact and leaving the plane, otherwise with a new mechanic that allows to change the armament or the fuel load as at the beginning of the game, in exchange for more resupply time or similar.


If you land an aircraft on the runway in GRB, you should be allowed to J out and get your SP back. Obviously if you spawn it back in, you start on the runway instead of airspawn. A lot of the times I find i’m in an air superiority fighter but all the other teams planes are dead so you either have to take the SP loss and risk not having a fighter Incase the other team shows up with more planes or just be useless to your team.

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Test flight for all vehicles, we all want it !

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  1. The possibility of having a new section for custom controls for scout drones, sometimes there are too many commands common with other vehicles that make use complicated

  2. A renewal of control of fire-and-forget missiles, at the moment they are neither realistic, nor work well, nor good, in fact, from my point of view quite useless. Maybe making them more similar to reality and more powerful wouldn’t be bad.

  3. Why are some nations’ modern flags missing? I would like to mention a topic in the old forum and a few people who wrote in the aforementioned discussion, maybe someone is interested in reproposing it