Me 262 in bad br

Why the me 262 in br 7.0, the versions with rocket engines in 7.3 and 8.0? It is a WW2 plane, so that they understand that you cannot get into a br with post-war plans, what sense does it make that when this plane came out it was the fastest in the world if it is literally one of the slowest in its Battle rating. what’s the use
If anyone reaches you, they say that it is to balance that it is in that br for its cannons if it has good weapons but it is not an airplane where you play a rb game and you survive by going for everyone with less than 5 deaths. I can do 6 kills in a game but in the end someone comes, even if I try to go fast, they reach you and kill you, on top of that, after rank V Germany does not have a m.e.t.a plane, it is true that the Lufwaffe stopped being the same after the 2nd world war but it is It’s so difficult to stop hating Germany a bit to lower the br to some plans and give them a goal and my point is that their games are called realistic battles formerly known as historical battles, in real life it was P51 against my 262 not F84 against my 262 and there they do not respect history


hello @lip3202 i just want to say that we all have those days coming from experience in the 262 but you havet to think that i you use you energy right youll be able to take down those f84s and alot of the f86s just gotta keep the energy up and when turning make sure that you feather your flaps to give you a bit of an edge on your opponet. next the f84 bleeds speed alot like you but you can negate that happeing to some degree by doing a Z pattern in you flight while doging gun fire. another word of advice try to do a head on as much as possible because your cannons are much more stronger but make sure that you dont stay on the target for to long becuse if those .50 cals hit its done for you. you just need to learn you enviroment and get a fell for the plane. I really hope the response gave you some advice. have a great day. sincerly Exstremly Savage Gaming YT.

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Thanks for the tips, if I can kill an f84, f86 sukhoi 11 with that, the problem is that in that br everyone knowing that you accelerate much worse they want to chase you even if you always maintain your energy, and the fact of surviving is difficult, I I would accept that the me 262 was in that br if only because of those disadvantages it was much cheaper to repair than the other jets but the reality is different, I play much more realistic than the arcade but literally that plane can only be enjoyed in the arcade because you must From time to time there they do pair you with pure piston fighters

Basically that is done by a plane where if I start to play several games of rb a day I will win some, I will do kills, but in the end taking accounts I will realize that I do not win a lot of lions or even lost lions

Hello i do agree with the repair cost being lower due to the disadvantages but the br is fine i only play rb and sim so i come from experince. So i still hope that the tips from the previous comment. Have a great day.

what makes the BR fine for you?

Hello @Balanced_Game im glad that you can join. Well, why do i agree with the br that the 262s mainly sit at? Well its somewhat simple due to the advantages of the 262 over props yes some may arguee that the props can outclimb and turn better and some have better speeds than the 262s well the 262 if played right has a greater energy advantage over it prop counterparts. I also understand that its a gen 1 fighter so is quit alot of jets it fights, but due to alot of players playing 8.3 and higher for rb (i have little to no experience in air arcade so this can only really apply to sim and rb) their is alot of uptiers. But if you lower the br it could lie promblem matic yes it could be more historically accurate but war thunder is just a game though. But if moved up it well have no advantages caising the plane not to be played as much. Another lying factor of the 262s is the armor ment of the planes, alot have the 30mm and 20mm thats are some what hard to aim but if you learn their pattern it will be very fun and a great plane. It is war thunder after all playing is all based of skill and knowledge of the game. Were all entitled to our own opinion i hope you can explain your side of the situation. I hope the explains what i can come up with.

All german WW2 jets could easily be 0.3 BR lower except the salamander which is fine at 6.0.
both Me 262 A-1 could be 6.7 with no problem. 50mm one could be 6.3 with no problem.
Horten could be 6.7 with no problem.
The worst jets in the game

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50mm 262 is too good for 6.3 but otherwise I mostly agree.

I totally agree, the me262 has no acceleration no climb rate and is slow to its current br. If the americans can have a jet in 5.7 (i know that its not fast) and the russians have the su-11 and 9 in 7.3-7.0, then the me262-a1a should go to 6.3. It is the underdog of 7.0, in 6.3 you could at least boom n zoom pepole (thats what the plane is intended for after all). The other BR-s (IMO).: Me 262 C-1a — 6.7 / C-2b – 7.3
A-1/U4 – 6.3 / A-1a/U1 – 6.3
A-1a/Jabo – 6.3 / A-2a – 6.0