Me 163 B vs B-0

Is there really a 0.7 BR difference because of a different gun? And a whopping 1.3 BR different in arcade because of a gun?

I’m sure the 20mm is nice and all, but with how bad the compression is at these ranges I cannot imagine a small change like that justifies a massive BR difference when we have planes at the same BR that are subsonic vs ones that can do mach 2… or flareless subsonic planes vs all aspect missiles.

And does does the Ki-200 fit into this? It gets a 30mm like the B but is at 8.7 like the B-0?

Doesn’t the higher BR one get gunpods too? Or is that what you’re referring to?

I think it does, which is nice, but I don’t think that justifies a 1.3 / 0.7 BR increase.

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Probably not, but it does help it go up. Maybe there is a super secret upgrade. Or maybe because of the gunpods more people play it and do better causing it to have really inflated stats

The 163 is slow in 8.0 already, at 8.7 you’re completely outclassed.

Problem is that no one bothers to play a WW2 jet against mach 1 jets with missiles and whatnot, which means there is no data which is the blatant flaw in snail’s data.



Well then idk what to say. The only other thing I could think of is maybe it used to be REALLY OP and they just put it at 8.7 to nerf it 🤷

Yeah… 2016 or something I bet lol.


Lol yeah. Before supersonic jets and AAM’s.


The reason the B-0 is 0.7 BR higher is due to the guns. The 20mm has significantly better kinematics than the 30mm version. However, 8.7 is way too high even with that difference. It basically suffers the Venom issues but with much less fuel.

Oh, well tell @Miragen not me. I don’t really care about either of them, just was trying to think of why it could be a higher BR :)

Just seems crazy, whilst the improved guns might be nice, it’s still a 163 with limited fuel and ammo… at that BR that is an insane BR difference.

It’s already bad enough that 7.0 jets have to have the Me 163

60 rounds per gun, low velocity, 6 minutes of fuel, no one plays it, really not that much to worry about.

That’s why it’s so dangerous, or why people think it is. Because no one plays it so most people don’t know how to counter it. Same can be said with BI or Ki-200. I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve encountered any one of those 3. 3 times, that’s it

Because they’re ass, especially at 8.7.

Which of these are equals? People actually thought I was trolling for bringing a Ki-200 into this match like people do with the M22.

We all took off at the same time.


Lmao that’s crazy

That’s crazier

Like I don’t really know what enemy plane here is outclassed by a Ki-200 lol.


Lol, definitely that AV-8A

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Still annoying af to fight against.

Lmao I remember fighting one in a Swiss Hunter, they just don’t stand a chance they even get missiled or just get hunted by everyone bc of how easy to kill they are.