McDonnell Douglas F-4S Phantom II discussion and questions

I’ve been wondering a few things regarding the F-4S, both in terms of its historical accuracy/implementation, as well as possible changes or even a future Tech Tree “Late” F-4S.

Beginning: Did the F-4S ever actually have a Head Up Display IRL? I was trying to do some digging on it, and all I’ve found is that it was a gunsight of some sort (with an unknown designation from what I’ve found thus far). However, I have found that it is referred to in some spaces as “LCOSS”


Question 2: Does anyone think that the F-4S could get AIM-9Ls in the future (as well as an increase in BR to 11.7) due to more and more 4th Gens with all-aspect missiles being brought in (which the F-4S is ever-increasingly more likely to face)?
Pictures of F-4S with AIM-9Ls:

Question 3: Thoughts on a Tech Tree F-4S “late” with AIM-7Ms and AIM-9Ls?


(1) Very interesting. The piece of glass above the radar scope seems to be referred to as “Optical Gunsight Unit”, “Servo Optical Gunsight”, or “LCOSS”. I would bet it is actually a gunsight similar in function and display to the other Phantoms but with more automation and tied to the fire control system. Probably a unit meant to work with VTAS. Navy F-4s also very rarely carried guns though. Would be interesting to see if something else comes out with a part number.

(2) If things don’t get decompressed, my opinion is the F-4S should receive AIM-9L without the BR increase. If BR decompression happens “soon”, I think its loadout is fine as is.

(3) My opinion is that the devs add the F-4S to the tech tree as just the F-4S with its suite of munitions it used with VF-151/VF-161 in its final active duty service years (based off the photos, would be 9Ls and 7F/7M). The premium F-4S receives a name change to “F-4S VF-301” since the Squadron name is pretty cool and they were the last ones to use it in Navy Reserve service.

The F-4S is a cool airplane. Definitely would be cool if someone has a NATOPs.


With 12.7 now in the game. The F-4S is about to become super deadly once again. The 12.7 bracket will be sucking up everything from 12.0 and up. So no it does not need better IR missiles.

Was 12.7 confirmed? As of a couple days ago, everything new was still 12.3.

They mentioned it in one of the 8 million devblogs they released today.

Ah, found it. Yeah, just a “we’ll discuss it and let you know”. Guess we’ll see.

I guess F-4S Late could be 11.7 BR and add to rank 8 between F-4J Phantom II & F-14A Early but not sure gaijin call that F-4S Late or F-4S (1984)

I got the F4S during the sale and it’s painful to play. It’s too slow to bomb bases at top tier, the aim7 is mediocre & rear aspect only aim9 doesn’t belong in top tier. I wouldn’t care if the BR got raised to give it aim9L. It’s really lacking badly only having around 35-40% win rate. The F4EJ KAI has aim9L, it only makes sense to add them to F4S. Would also like to see it’s missing guided bombs added.