McDonnel Douglas F-4B Phantom II

So we have the F-4C, F-4J, F-4E, F-4F. I think we should get the F-4B Phantom II that’s a BR 12.0 with Aim-9Ls and Aim-7Ms. What do you think?
The USN's F-4 Phantom II

It’d probably be better to give the F-4J the new ordnance and move it up in BR and replace it at 11.0 with the F-4N.

The F-4B itself should probably be at 10.3 as the A2A counterpart to the F-4D which should wholesale replace the F-4C.

Splitting the existing F-4E into a Block 38 (Early) at 10.7~11.0 and a 45~60 (Late) or F-4G at 11.3 or so would also be useful. to counterbalance the F-4J with with useful A2G loadouts with the ability to self escort.


What about the F-4G?

Would be difficult to balance because no built in gun

That’s true

Also, F-4B at 12.0 is just big no from me
No PD radar would make this thing an insanity at that BR. Maybe even older RWR as well

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Maybe the F-4J should be BR 11.7 with a better update also a (VIII) Rank as well?

It (and early F-4C’s) should be fitted with the AAA-4 IRST so would have some form of look down Shoot down capability, so its not as bad as the APQ-120, since the ASX-1 TISEO isn’t modeled.

F-4B AAA-4 American Car and Foundry

We need the F-4G with shrikes and harms

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@Maverick5I50 F-4B from 1968 could be 10.7 stop gap between F-8E Crusader and F-4J Phantom II in rank 7

But for me, new F-4 Phantom II at 12.0 might be F-4S (1984) at 12.0

Even with IRST, F-4B is still no 12.0 material
F-4N still wouldn’t be but would offer some better electronics (ALQ-126 jammer and probably newer RWR), VTAS and such
From what I could gather, the IRST and radar were retained.

I thought that was the built-in M61A1 Cannon

No navy Phantom would ever have built in gun

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F-4E, That has a built-in cannon

That’s not a navy Phantom
That’s an air force Phantom

I specifically said “navy Phantom”

As far as I’m aware, the F-4B is basically a really early phantom, so why would it ever get 9Ls and 7Ms?

I suggest you do a little bit more research, because as far as i can tell, if it were to be implemented ingame, it would just be an F-4C with flares… so maybe 10.3 worthy, and never in a million years worthy of 12.0…

A possible 12.0 phantom addition could be either the F-4E late, with 9Ls and 7Fs, but probably would stick around at 11.7, and all with a massive overhaul of air to ground munitions. There’s also the F-4S late, which could carry 9Ls, compared to the premium counterpart in-game.


There was a earlier forum post putting the F-4B at 10.3, just above the F-4C due to it’s integrated countermeasures, but no PD or fancy performance like the E / J we have in game at 11.0/11.3. At 12.0 it would be better to put the “ultimate” Phantom, which i believe is either the F-4H or F-4N.

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Good point

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