Maybe Too Much Event

So Gaijin redid the old event system, and replaced it with a new one. I feel as if Gaijin is having to many events, Personally, I think there should be atleast a event after each update. But basically not every week. Becuase some of us actally got a life. And yes, i get were suppose to chose what events to miss out on and what events to do, but this is just goanna lead to burnout causing many players to leave game out of boredom


You are not wrong, but on the bright side… no more crafting events.

Baby steps.


One important point - and I can’t stress this enough - is that you dont have to own EVERY vehicle, participate in EVERY event and win ALL the prices!

Just as there may be vehicles, gamemodes, countries that you leave out because you have little interest in them, there may be events and event vehicles you don’t absolutely need to be happy.

Play the game to enjoy the game!

If you want something from an event so badly that you are willing to invest in it, fine!

If not, just let it slide and focus on what you really want.


The thing is Gaijin doesnt give any room to breathe between each event, event of 292 hasnt even finished yet they already announced İndian Jaguar event that will start in 22 February.

3 days between each event is not something suitable it should be one week at least.


He’s telling you exactly what he really wants. He wants to keep doing events and not having to choose between them cause of the non stop schedule. And I have to agree with him.

Events in this game used to be “special” moments, now they are non stop and making players not enjoy the game, and we already have non stop Battle Pass. Of course, anyone can just skip them…


I have never seen these events. Monsieur, do you enter the game just for the sake of events?..

For me, the biggest problem with these continuous events is going to be what vehicles are given as a reward. The issue of events has always seemed good to me, that whoever wants to do them and whoever doesn’t want to do them should not do them. The problem For me, gaijin chooses the rewards extremely poorly. The reward vehicles should always be vehicles that were prototypes or pre-production vehicles, and not vehicles that entered service and even entered combat, since that way you restrict vehicles. that could be in the tech tree because only those who did the current event got it. For example, a clear case is the three Hungarian tanks, the toldi and the turan II, entered combat in WW2, in the case of the zrinyi I don’t think it entered combat, but the situation is almost similar, you are restricting tanks that are interesting in the Hungarian sub tech tree to make them events and restrict them to only a few players having them.
I have no problems with continuous events, but I am terrified where gaijin will put tanks that entered service as event prizes, like the stug IV or the brummbar late model.


need constant player engagement to increase the chance of players spending money on the game, marketing 101

750000 for just to sell its too much more than collect all 9 star combined i have life you know?

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Having a battlepass you need to work on for months, requiring specific vehicles/nations/weapons, having dialy tasks requiring specific vehicle/nations every single day, then also being locked into air/ground or naval for weeks at a time for events.

There is literally no time to play anything you want to play if you want to keep up with these things, and everything is tainted by people grinding event points turning the game into perma-sweat mode.



Kinda stupid take, not gonna lie. Not to mention mate already said that, so you’re just repeating company lines delusionally into the void.

I am what could be considered an invested player (And if I’m not considered that, I sure as shit don’t want to know what you consider to be invested) and even I have almost slipped up in this event. Your company has a history of progressively making events more and more difficult to attain, with little consideration to the time of your player base and instead their wallets.

You could quite easily have 4 events each year and keep them at the current difficulty to appeal to “invested players”, but as it stands these 45k score objectives are just draining even to me. That would still mean folk had to choose if they wanted to engage with the event or not, and would still bring in fair figures for the company when people inevitably slip up. As it stands, these events are comparable to a war of attrition and intended to cause more and more folk to slip off the wagon whilst simultaneously introducing artificial scarcity (750k points, and that’s if you don’t want to keep it) to increase the number of people who GE the events.

Short and long of it: Your statements are pretty bullshit, and you should possibly reconsider your line of work, or critical thinking skills. Or just admit to the ploy, that works too.

Not to mention I’m still burned from being sick over the time of the EBRs addition and I am now missing a quite useful vehicle for a nation I am quite fond of, that should have gone to the tech tree.


I still got 20k Points left to go and definitely going on a several months break after this garbage - at least for half a year or more. Last two Stages i have just forced myself to play cycling between playing some Nations at Arcade (which the Game punishes you for playing) and some Realistic and by God if this Game would have at least some variety in the Gamemodes, side objectives or stuff happening / to do in Matches but its always the same thing 1-3 Caps Team vs Team and if there is a event vehicle you want you literally aren’t able to play any other game for the two weeks that event is going on


but always the same thing / objective for tanks since tanks came out and now we get to play on maps with AI crap on them instead of them maybe spending some of the dozens of millions they make into further development of the game, adding something new aside from vehicles and maybe fixing some stuff we get AI garbage…ballba bllab probably whats going on in their head


Yeah that’s how it seems to go, whenever I did partake in an event I stopped playing for months afterwards being burned out before being bothered to play WT again.

I fail to see the logic behind making the events this insane and how Gaijin can possibly feel so entitled to our time, making events even more exclusive and vehicles even more unobtainable when we already have a massive issue between new and old players when it comes to vehicles that are available to them.

Last year there were 661 premium and event vehicles out of 2300, many of which are no longer available or on the marketplace for like $100-1000.

Battlepass added dozens more every year as well.


Since you cross the red line of selling access to the end game for money. Nothing can surprise you.

What I find worst are the 2-day stages and how they hate Arcade.


Well at least if 9.3 wasn’t bad enough yet, 9.0 can now also fully enjoy the misery of BR compression whilst Gaijin pretends it’s fine.


I am playing with the German Br 7.7, and it is wonderful how in many games I face the Br 8.3 and 8.7 that have a stabilizer and APDS-FS, however I have elastic rubber suspension and a HEAT-FS that does little damage and that Even on top of that, there are times when the damage magically dissipates.

These are things Gaijin just ignores, adding a vehicle to the most popular nation at the most popular BR that was already miserable to play to begin with, genius.

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What in the heckity heck? That is just lazy and disrespectful to game artists.