May the 4th be with you profile icon

Hello everyone happy May 1st, I think we should get a Special profile icon of
“General Veers” from the “Battle of Hoth” scene
Imperial Profile: General Veers | The Imperial Talker


Disney gonna launch 2 tomahawk at Gaijin if they do this for copyright reason.


Nah. Tomahawks would be tame for Disney. Gaijin will fall to the wrath of a million star wars stans.

Im a fan and i wouldnt mind that as a pfp i had my name as starwarsnerd97 and my title was phantom menace

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would be nice but I think disney would demand a 110% share of gaijin if they want to do this

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Im thinking… 10 Minute-man missiles would be an appropriate response for disney .

We got enough maps that look like Hoth … why not ^^

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