"Maximum allowed bomb release speed: 1.0 M" Why?

In a recent update a 1.0 Mach speed limitation was added to most dumb bombs for most nations, why??? This includes LDGP Mk 82, 83, and 84, among many other bombs, however many are also omitted from this limit even if they are just export versions of these limited bombs… There is no evidence to support that these bombs are restricted to mach 1.0 in the real world. There are certainly some types of ordnance and airframes that had documented subsonic release envelope limitations, but for most aircraft and ordnance this was not a thing.

This artificial limitation hampers bombing in supersonic jets as it requires an unnecessary deceleration at the point when jet bombers are already most vulnerable.

The maximum allowed airspeed should be returned to the more reasonable Mach 1.1 except where there is specific evidence to support the lower limit.

I know why

The reason of this mechanic is:

yup lol, I guess a more accurate question is why is no one complaining about this

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Prove that through documented reports/documents with a real meaning.

If I remember correctly, the reason they have a speed limit for dropping bombs is because in supersonic flight the bombs have a change to get stuck within the airflow around the jet which doesn’t allow them to fall away from the airframe.

I won’t share it on here because I’m unsure of its current classification, but there is a “(jdam) tactical manual” online that specifically details the release envelope of the GBU-31, which is just a Mk 84 with a guidance package strapped on. It specifies an airspeed limit of M 1.3 up to 45,000ft and a limit of M 0.9 at 45,000ft-50,000ft

My understanding is this can happen in a dive when descending into the flight path of the bombs, so these type of drops are rare in real life for safety concerns, but entirely possible.

I’m complaining just not posting lol