Max number of kills per battle?

Are there some WT stats where we can see e.g. max number of player kills per battle?
Today I was in a BR 2.3-ish Ground RB in which a guy scored a total of 31 kills (25 ground + 6 air)!
Score: 9.563 (replay link below).
And that’s the max. I’ve ever seen. But what’s like the game record ever?

Probably a cheat.I have never seen that many.

I’ve gotten 26 ground kills before. & I’ve seen people that got more.
It’s tough, but possible.
Screenshot 2023-03-19 024733


Yeah that’s low tier for you

Seal clubbing is insane if you get the right vehicle and dumb enough enemies

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15 in 7.7 RB for me.

You can have a lot of kills at lower BR.

I’ve had sessions playing with 4.0 china, where my average kill/game was over 16 for maybe 20-25 games.

If you go even lower it is much easier to do. There are a lot of sealclubbers at lower BR.
In fact if you see someone gatting a lot of kills, they are likely to be just good players.

CHeaters usually struggle to get a positive K/D, because they are so trash that they need the cheat to even get kills.
Of course there are better players that cheat, but most of them have around 1.0 K/D, or even bellow it.

My personal maximum was 28 kills without dying.

I have just never seen that in 3 years of playing GRB.My best is 14 on the Sweden map which is actually a map I hate and it was almost constant firing until the clock ran out.I did see one guy get 21 but that is it.
I don’t go above 6.0 BR mostly ,and rarely with Israel.

So if 30 kills is with no cheat enabled what would a cheat hope to get ? 40? 50? I never see that many players in a game to shoot.

Well skilled players tend not to cheat, so that hypothetical 40+ kill match isn’t probable with cheats as the type of player required for such kills wouldn’t use cheats to begin with.

seal clubbing in low tiers

Well if you say you have done it then OK.

As i said, cheaters are usually so bad, and so stupid, that they might forget how to breathe! Literally, i am concerned about them!

Most cheaters will have a barely positive K/D, if they have a positive K/D to begin with.

Most cheaters’s stat is similar to the stat of the average CASvocate, so pretty awful.

30 kills is possible, but 40, or 50 is not. Maybe once in a million battles.

A few screenshots that i could find of my games:

Tho i have been called cheater before xd:

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Exactly, beating on new players doesn’t really impress anybody.


It probably makes a not positive impression on new players…
This is an indication that the game is not balanced.

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Got one player on Finland who managed to get early into the following position (picture below)

It took the team quite a while to realise where the guy was. Although he was shown on the minimap …
And then 90% tried the lemming tactic. One after the other drove in front of his muzzle, again and again.
Unfortunately, I can’t remember which tank he used. I myself was too stupid to do anything about it because it was my first 100 battles and I had no idea about the map or what I was doing.
He achieved 28 kills.


This is great, but these were all arcade battles… what about RB? Ever scored over 30 kills in those? Or seen someone do it?

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I kneel

Not 30 kills, but this was RB.
In a full uptier.
In a TOG 2.
With no deaths.


Currently my one spawn record is 12 in the AMX-13, but my total record is 14 or 15.

I was also called a hacker after the match ended.

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I think i have seen a few screenshot on reddit a few years back.

And also in AB, everyone has only 3 respawns, so the number of possible kills is limited, while on realistic, you can spawn more than 3 times if you have enough SP. If you don’t waste you SP ony skycancer, and play only tank then it is possible.

on a serious not, GG for that!

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