MAW not working on Strela missle (AHS)

Not sure how long this has been going on as the Strela and AHS don’t meet often but as of the last update I don’t get MAW on missiles from the Strela even though the system should detect IR signatures. I’m not sure this is an intended feature because that makes it leagues more effective than even the Pantsir in countering helos which is kind of crazy at its br.

The AHS does not have an in-built MAW system. Only the AH Mk.1 (UK) and Seraph (Israel) has it, with the AH-64D requiring MAWS to occupy the pylon tips.

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Now that you say that and I checked you’re right but how come I get warnings? I could have sworn it had it.

It does give warnings based on RWR. For example, you will receive laser warnings and if SAMs like the Roland have locked and fired at you it will give a launched alarm. Your biggest vulnerability will be MANPADS and A2A missiles since you will not be able to detect rocket launches on their own.

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