Maus using sabo rounds now?

Since when did the maus start using APCBC (Sabo) round ^^
funny small caliber for the Maus main gun

Cince a couple of years.

Was added in november of 2020.

12.8/8.8 Pzgr.-TS shell has been added to the ammunition loadout."New_Power"#Germany_2

That isn’t sabot.

That’s APCBC. Not the same as Sabot.

It might be called APCBC, but it is a sabot round - a “normal” 88mm round with discarding elements allowing it to be fired from 128mm guns.

They were also looking at 105/75 and 150mm versions



It’s an insanely good shell, too, though not suited to all situations.

It is the same, it just doesn’t discard until it hits the armor.

does it over pressure light tanks like the older round ?

It has not enough TNT equivalent

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In WT, overpressure is guaranteed at 170g of TNT equivalent or higher. The APHEDS in question is at around 100g, so it does not guarantee overpressure. That is one of the reasons why one should bring both the Pz.Gr 43 and the APHEDS.

That said, using the KwK44 on a light vehicle is incredibly wasteful. That’s what the HEAT of the 75mm coax is for.

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That’s good to know, cheers

Maus is OP, please raise BR, especially in Arcade, because 8.0 is too low, make it 9.0 or even 10.0, please Gaijin.

Load APCR and shoot sides, even 5.3 M36 can do it.


Hmmmm. I see. Interesting.

Doesn’t it shattered during fire tests?

It had issues with the explosive filler, yes. Then again the Soviets couldn’t fit a 100mm gun on the T-34-85 because the suspension would disassemble itself upon firing due to the extra weight and mechanical stress, and yet here we are.

If you ever do play the Maus, I recommend bringing a few alongside the normal Pz.Gr 43. It’s worth it.


its actually APCBCHEDS

it is actually APCBCHEDE-T

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No only at velocitys over 1260m/s

It is a Sabot round, it seperates after it leaves the barrle.