Maus and Canonade challenge issue

Looks like the game doesnt count kills as hugh calibre when you use the experimental Maus APDS round.

You mean the 12,8/8,8 PzGr.TS?
In the description of the ammunition it shows 88mm. Maybe it is a 88mm round for the 128mm gun? So I can only guess that this task is tied to the ammo and not the gun.
Btw best for 35-60mm was the US M42 and M19A1.

So this affect all APDS rouns too???

L-62 anti II is better i think.

The other two rounds Pzgr. and Pzgr. 43 shows a 128mm for the Maus main gun. They should work.

With those two US SPAA you got two almost identical tanks for the task in one battle. It was really nice to get this done in one battle.

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