Maus 75mm Ammorack Incorrect

So, after the newest update, the “Seek & Destroy”, I see some changes have been made.

One of those changes being, that I could notice specifically, was Maus’ ammo distribution inside the ammoracks. Now, instead of being inside the hull, when you decrease the ammo, it remains in the turret, and the ‘hull-stationed’ ammo disappears.

So basically what I see here is, realistic. Since the first stage ammo of the vehicle should be inside the turret, where it’s easier for the loader to access. I understand that.

This also creates a huge weakspot for the Maus now. Until the last 25 rounds, remaining of your 75mm (coax) rounds are stored in the hull. So only 25 coax rounds in the turret. But however much you decrease it, the turret’s rack is now prioritized. This means you’re much more likely to get oneshotted now from turret hits, also taking the 128mm rounds that are stored at the back of the turret.

Creating a much larger problem for the Maus. But it is more realistic this way I suppose.

My complaint here is that, the most back ammorack on the hull for the 75mm rounds, remains empty. However much rounds you take. Which is incorrect modelling.

I also have a suggestion:

Gaijin should allow us to distribute ammo inside our tanks however we like. Even if the hull-rack takes longer to reload, we can sacrifice some of the reload time for survivability. We should have this as an option. At least on specific tanks like Maus. Which survivability is the key element, quite literally.

I think Gaijin really needs to re-consider when they implement changes that aren’t even mentioned in
the changelogs. People find out the hard ways and have to complain to get it improved.

Maus literally had it’s ammorack on the hull SINCE it came out back in 2015. After almost 10 years, Gaijin randomly decides to change the way the entire ammorack system works.

They really should put an alternative solution to this, to either sacrifice reload time for survivability, or just simply revoking this change, because Maus already struggles enough with turret penetrations on higher BRs. This will only end up with it being oneshotted all the time from chemical round hits.

The hull was the strong compartment of the Maus, where you angled and tanked most of the shots with, not mainly the turret. But from here, overall survivability of the Maus has been drastically nerfed.

Hopefully an alternative solution will be made.


Thats true

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Conciddering the First stage ammo rack, i suppose it should also recive its faster reload.

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How about you suggest the ability to move shell placement wherever we feel like it?


This would be ideal.


Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Irl, 128 used to from records, reload much faster than 18 seconds. So 1st stage shoud allow it to overall reload faster for sure.

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It would be nice if most things were closer to their ideal reload speeds.

I get that the devs use reload speed as a “soft” balance tool, but making everything a fair bit slower than reality sucks. If one has maxed crew skills/Expert/Ace, that should be the vehicle’s fastest possible IRL reload speed.

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I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time bro once the update goes live the first thing I’ll do is remove the ammos from the Tiger 2 turret ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

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Ok I just tried it with my usual loadout with 25x 128mm and 40x75mm, where there was no ammo in the turret, NOW THE SAME LOADOUT HAS AMMO IN THE TURRET!

As if getting bombed every game isn’t enough, now turns it into another tiger 2 that is 2x slower, now I expect to get blown up every time brits shoot me in the turret cheek.


Would be nice to get my 4.3-second reload for the Japanese Type-II 75mm again.

I wish my M103 got the benefit of having a second loader for those giant rounds. You know, the entire reason Uncle Sam put that giant turret on it.