Hi everyone. I have about 2600-2800 hours in this game. I want to talk about matchmaking. Don’t you think it’s totally broken? While the BR matchmaking system is fine, it doesn’t fix the problem at all. Quitting the game after one death should be punished in some way, and it should also be matched after similar skills. It’s the same when you play USA vs. USA. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The excuse that there are no players in the matchmaking queue? What is your opinion on matchmaking?

It is. Unless they only have one tank. That is a separate issue.

No. Not a good idea for this type of game.

From memory, it started because after each update, the mm would become broken. If the US got a good jet, the queue would have 90% of the players in US jets which caused very long queue times.

Personally, I wouldnt mind having the mixed mm only for a set time after an update, maybe 2-3 weeks. Then revert back to non-mixed mm.