I don’t understand why in the air event when I go to the game with my M.D.450B Ouragan 7.3 (AB) and 7.7 (RB/SB).

So how is it possible that I play with players who have F-16, MiG-21, MiG-23, etc.

Really great game with these players.

The game is really balanced!

Do you mean the Air Assault (PvE Air in Arcade setting)?

If so then that is actually the best zone for aircraft, especially the lowest BRs (6.7+).

It is a TEAM mode not a competitive mode against one another. Lower BR planes get more score per action (kill and assists), where the maxiumum reward (for RP/SL) is acquired around 2000 points.

This is easily achieved by not running to every group like a headless chicken. Also avoid ground targets as faster planes clear up these essential waves in few passes. Prioritising is part of the skill you need to remain relevant, regardless of the BR zone.

In my Kikka (7.0) I have almost spaded it and almost always get “First” (which means nothing as the 2000 points and winning is the only goal, and it is about teamwork not trying to beat one another). Sadly the flight model of the Kikka is broken in this AB mode since the update as in level flight it jerks vertically constantly (appears fine in RB and AB test flights but in PvE Air it is broken).

The players in 11.0+ vehicles have to do a lot more of the work for vastly less points per action.

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