Matchmaking will never be fixed by decompression

Gajin is planning to decompress the midtiers as they said they would. And honestly that is a good thing. But I am tired of ignoring everyone who says “To fix the Matchmaking we need decompression”. No we do not. And no matter how much you decompress the Matchgmaking will not be fixed. You can not fix a broken System by changing the Data you feed into it. You need to fix the System.
BR`s are just Data, the Matchmaker is the calculator. If you calculator says 1+1 is 3 then changing it to 1-1 is not going to fix the problem.

As far as I am concerned to fix BR`s we first need to fix the Matchmaking and some steps can be taken exceedingly easily. Infact they could be taken by tomorrow by changing literally two or three lines of code.

  1. Limit the MM to a +/-0.7BR spread that way you no longer have to try and balance a vehicle to be good against -1BR, to be decent at 0BR and still capable at +1BR. +1BR is almost always a 100% increase in capability. That is impossible to balance. By limiting the MM to +/-0-7BR you reduce the amount of vehicles you have to consider for proper balance by 30% in many cases closer to 50%. You could also up tier vehicles whcih are only allowed to mob their -1BR comrades because they themselfes have no right to be in a +1BR match.
  2. Next Force the MM to make proper teams from the beginning. No more 6V6 ground RB and then hope more people get thrown in. This is unbalanced in its very nature and unfair for all who got left behind by the MM because “5s was to long a wait in our Opinion” -G Make it at least 16V16 and then fill or make it 20V20 as a base and 16V16 as a backup for the night.
  3. Make the MM ignore Rank. Rank has gotten pointless for the MM ever since we got the BR`s yet the MM is still checkiong the Rank of vehicles it puts into games. Why? Just because we still have the Rank table showing which rank players are searching for matches? Which has no reason to exist because Ranks mean nothing? Just remove this entire function and streamline the code. Clean the damn thing up!

With these three easy steps we could improve the MM massively and if point 1 is implemented decompression has a chance to work. Otherwise it will fail miserably and empty out BR`s leaving us with 10 or 20 vehicles neetly seperated by +1BR until the next 10 to 20 come (I mean 10 to 20 vehicles across all nations. So e.g. 5.0 Tiger I the only vehicle for germany between 5.0 and 6.0 and so on because BR´s will go to 35 so nothing has to meet anything it should not.

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1- This is BR compression, which means you’re against fixing the matchmaker. 1.0 is superior & decompressed. 1.0 offers 4 zones to balance things, which makes things easier to balance than 3 zones.

2- This is already done.

3- MM already ignores rank.


british tanks are done one shot by darts from 1000m

In what way is this compression by having less tanks in any given BR range?
If we lower the range from 1.0 to 0.7 so a 4.0 tank can only ever meet 4.7 at max how is it compression? The number of vehicles which can meet each other goes down by 33% or more.
And how does having to balance 100 tanks to each face each other make stuff easier when compared to 60 tanks having to be balanced?
Or did you perhabs not understand what I wrote and assumed I wanted to remove flat BR`s like 1.0; 2.0 and so on? But no that would be idiotic.
In any case my change has nothing to do with compression or decompression as those are matters related to the Data sett and not the underlying system as I already stated. SO your entire statement is also not really aplicable in the first place.

No. Absolutely no. The baseline the MM has is 6V6 which it tries to fill to 11V11.
You should play the game before posting such utterly wrong statements.

Also no

Did you even read what I said?
Yes it does not use ranks when putting vehicles in a match, but it uses Rank for at the very least the table showing “Which Rank is searching”. Which, again (I feel like a broken record) has no reason to exist and is just clutter in the code.

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You just said it.
Gaijin has less choices of BRs to balance vehicles.
Maus & T26E5 have 2 slots between them currently.
Under a compressed matchmaking system, there’s only 1 slot between Maus & T26E5.

1.0 matchmaking is BR decompression & is superior.
0.7 is BR compression & hurts us all.

It’s still 100 tanks that need to be balanced.

The 1.0 BR will not fall away.

Every thing will stay the same.

the only thing that changes is that 5.7 will no longer meet 6.7 but only 6.3.

The 6.7 BR will not simply vanish.

The BRs remain unchanged. There is not less BRs to choose from 1.0 to whatever they choose as the next max will all still exist. Only 1.0 will never meet 2.0 again and 2.0 will never meet 3.0 again. That is all. There is literally not a single BR less if we change the MM to a 0.7 spread.

Everything you said is utterly wrong and boggels the mind. It feels like you fundamentally do not understand the subject matter

Which means you have to move many 6.7s to 6.3, which means you have to move everything from 7.7 to 7.3 or even 7.0 to keep facing the 6.7s they were originally balanced to face.
Most vehicles in WT out of the thousands are perfectly balanced, the compression comes from ~15 - 30% of vehicles that aren’t. Which means ~70%+ of vehicles would be reduced in BR under a 0.7 system.
Such as Maus vs T26E5 vs Tiger 1. They’re rare fights, but plausible & winable in the weaker vehicles.

You’d have to make Maus 7.3 under your suggestion which would make it equivalent to 7.3s that are objectively inferior to it.

what? No. Absolutely not.
First you assume that 6.7 was designed and balanced to face 7.7, which is very muich not the case.
You have to move not a single vehicle. We want to remove 6.3 facing current 7.3 tanks Why would we move them down??? That makes no sense.

No. definetly no. But that is personal opinion. And even if a vehicle will overperform slight after the change it can be adjusted like gajin always does. It does not need to happen instantly

Why are you looking at it in 1dimension.
A 6.3 tank can meet 5.3 and 7.3. after the change it wil meet 5.7 and 7.0 why would any 7.3 tank move down. and why would the 5.3 move up as per your suggestion?
None of what you describe would ever happen because it makes 0 sense. Why would I chjange the MM spread but also adjust the BR`s so everything still meets the same tanks as before. The entire point of the Change is to remove the ability of some vehicles from meeting other.

Why? Why would I?
at 7.7 the maus would nolonger mobb 6.7 tanks as the lowest it would meet is 7.0 BR much more capable of defeating it. and it would nolonger meet 8.7 a BR far superiour to it.
It would actually be in a much better place.

Why do you want to move stuff around? That is absolutely not needed and defeats the whole point of a reduced spread.

laughable game now , hit is6 in the tracks 8 times nothing
hit its weak point nothing
get one shot back
great game

I play 6.7, and it very much is balanced to face IS-4M & Maus.
It’s hard, as it should be, but it’s very much possible to kill both.
6.3 is removed from facing current 7.3 from the decompression BR changes occurring within the next few days except for heavy tanks, which is good since heavy tanks for the most part are balanced in downBRs.

@CPTPEANUTS Someone didn’t hit the turret.

300+ BR changes are good, but you argued that changing a single line of code to achive almost the same effect would be to much work?
They would still need to remove some vehicles from the BR like the Leo 1 but not every single one no matter the costs to those vehicles

It wouldn’t be the same effect, cause you STILL HAVE TO, it’s mandatory to, analyze all the vehicles & change BRs of what needs to be changed.
It’s just simpler & less compressive to just change BRs around since Gaijin has to analyze everything anyway.

well its easy then when its a full uptier just leave the lobby save the silver lions and watch a youtube video

Thats what I do I do not play full uptiers anymore. Waste of time and effort past 5.0

Everyone should just Complain about the br rating its unfair

I profit most from uptiers.

M18 is due to daily tasks.
Again, DXP Live for Runescape.
Also Pantsir was introduced in March, and you can’t view those replays anymore due to game client differences since French Navy released.
Decompression fixes issues.

Nope, I don’t play Pantsir, because it’s difficult to use thus haven’t even researched it.
I exclusively play against SPAA.

Not what was said.
The context was CAS & SPAA, & not BRs.

Oh so I must be imagining all these 6v6 air games