Matchmaking, map filter

First of all, sorry for my English is not very good. I wanted to pay attention to matchmaking and the map filter. For example, I have the achievement capture two control points. What does the game do? Creates a round with only one checkpoint six times in a row. This way you will not encourage people to spend time with the game. I have won over 3K hours, but I’m slowly fed up with what is happening with this game. The second thing is the map filter. It doesn’t work at all despite the ban on the map, the game still tells me to play it. From the very beginning I have a premium account, in my opinion people paying for the game should be able to choose 5-10 maps on which they want to play. The game is currently undergoing changes, the map filter for premium account holders should appear as soon as possible in my opinion.

agree, same here. It really sucks.