Matchmaking is broken

so i went into a battle at battle rating 10.0. other team had a MiG-23ML, which is 11.3. it was laughable how it was dominating our entire team. battle was over in probably 4-5 minutes. why does gaijin do this?

That’s impossible. Max Br range is 1. Unless you were in a division, which means your buddy was playing a higher plane than you

i was not in a squad. solo. max battle rank 10. my top plane was the premium F-5C

The F-5C is a 10.3 aircraft in air RB.



ok post the replay


Matchmaking is not broken as it never really worked. It is a contradiction to itself, if as we are lead to believe skill, crew skills and modifications actually mean something in the game then why are they not included in the matchmaking process.
Either they do not matter and the game is just a dice rolling luck based entity with the programming parameter that every user should have a 50% win rate or they do matter (hence the stomp games, ridiculous kill streak numbers etc.) in which case it is lazy matchmaking or the balance and player enjoyment is actually not the prime motive, I suspect this is the case and the prime motive is queue times to which everything is sacrificed. So we the players end up with a pretty shit matchmaking system and an even shittier game.

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Cause those things should never be used in MM. Those things only breed toxicity.

Omitting these things leads to the conclusion that they have no impact on the game so why bother implementing them in the first place what an absolute waste of time and effort (which have to be paid for by the players). Skill is why nearly every structured sport has leagues ( other factors obviously apply hence why top flight teams do not play in Sunday league football continually beating teams and being first every year).
At the moment I think that the only reason there is a pool of players in the lower BR’s is because of the repair bills, they have to drop down to earn silver lions to play top tier, very few new players are joining and staying. Getting slapped down every time you play as a new starter makes lasting engagement unlikely. Games with a low retention rate and low new players suffer as new players have long queue times, facing off against very experienced players or bots are not the answer.
Skill should be a big factor in deciding team composition, what is more toxic players who are skilled playing against equally skilled players in a tiered set up or skilled players beating up on new starters. If you think the latter it shows what type of person you are and why the place is in such a mess.

Repair costs hasn’t been problem for long time. Not since they got slashed into the ground.

i can confirm this, since i play with a6e tram, sometimes or most of the time i meet mig27-mig23,mirage, and even kfir c7 equipped with python 3

Tram is also 10.3. What in general would fix the problem of MM to a degree would be to lock each technological step into a BR-Bracket so you wouldnt have to fight Korean or Vietnam Era Jets with WW2 jets or Vietnam Jets with Korean War Jets. Same would be for Jets with PD radar and without or All-aspect 30g Missiles vs Jets without CM´s etc. But since that would be a QoL patch and not money they´ll never do it, besides it might take a hit to their holy cow of queue times.

In a post filled with odd assumptions, this is certainly the strangest. Both because lower BRs / WWII vehicles are generally considered to be quite popular, and because repair costs really aren’t an issue anymore.

citation needed

Looks like reality leaves it’s coat at the door as it enters the unrealistic fantasy world of Warthunder.

Not actually true…in tanks yes, but in aircraft it is possible that two players have a higher than 1.0 difference between top aircraft. It requires the player with the best aisrcraft to have some lower aircraft on the lineup.

Quote from below:
Matchmaking takes 3 vehicles with the highest BR from a players setup (vehicles from the crew slots) and displays the average value.
This method of matchmaking will be used in aircraft AB.

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Ghost Soph answered.
MM works fine.
If you want to discuss specific game mode, please use proper forum section.