Match with no Players

Did anyone else get a match like this where there’s a few people on each team but everyone else is in hanger off the start

Yea, seen it a few times a few months back.

Server doesn’t let people spawn as fast as they should and they end up jumping out.

I’ve never seen that. Is it quite rare? Did the game actually start?


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no one has quit it started like this

You mean, that you’ve seen.

As I said, I encountered this scenario when we can’t spawn for like 30-60 seconds, and people bail out. If you join late, you may not be seeing them all leave.

After all, it’s 22 minutes on the clock as well. That’s already 3 minutes into the match.

no when the match loaded it was just 4 people on each team and everyone else havent loaded into the game ik what u mean tho