Match maker has gone to hell

Not for the first time in the last few days, MM has just been a shocker.

thankfully in my last the other team got screwed in my most recent, but not much satisfaction in being gifted a game…

4.7 - 5.7 BR, Me and one other team mate in full 5.7 lineup, with enemy top BR at 5.3.


If you’re interested search me in replay, 15 July 00.02 Golden Quarry.

cant upload replays to forum anymore since they changed it to this utter junk.


Yeah, and it’s one thing to have the odd match like that but it’s all the damn time. And don’t get me started on matches where you get 15 kills by yourself (1/3 of the total enemy team) and STILL get massacred because most of your team get killed 3 times and contribute NOTHING or one death leave.


No need to upload the server replay, just copy the url of the server replay of this specif match and add it to your post as hyperlink.

When joining a battle I first make sure, that I have all vehicles on the same BR level (Example BR 4.7 to avoid fighting against down tired enemies … BR 5.3 and even BR 5.7. … but this happens all the time.
Secondly I’m not choosing my team … Gaijin does … but I’m (after the match) meassured by the team performance.

What if we in real life was joining up for a Formula-2 race in our racing car … and when the race starts, we have to race against Formula-1 cars. ?? thats’ the same situation. Secondly … you will be mixed with (often) with less skilled players.

There are so many factors which make a huge difference when facing BR Downtired enemies: Armor, cannon calibre, speed, turret turning speed and especially what kind of ammo you have available etc… As in sport the chance for winning as a TEAM … you HAVE to be a TEAM working together… which is not the case in AB… where everybody is fighting their own personal war.
Sometimes I’m fighting tank-battles in WW2 tanks getting pounded by IS-6 and helicopters ? … and i get the feeling of a “match fixing” system … and not a match making system … because we lose EVERY battle - when fighting unfair / unequal term battles. … and that’s not why I’m playing this game … I want more fairness in the match making … that’s all.

I have been arguing for a better match making system for YEARS … but only minor changes has been made. The consequence is, that I’m leaving battles with unfair terms (BR +1) enemies - simply because I don’t want to be an easy target being chased around the battlefield for some favored players - who have been chosen to get some easy kills … on my expense… (repair costs etc.) and low performance in my statistics etc.

Give us fairness … that’s all I’m asking for.

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Not really a surprise. The MM is biased towards the most popular nations and the lower leveled player. Much easier to get the noobs hooked.

I expect this comment to draw the ire of the mods even if it is only my opinion based on my experience. That is all I have I to go on given the cloak of darkness around how it actually works.

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I play 3.7-4.7 the most and the queue times are instantaneous or 20s tops. As soon as I jump up to 5.3-5.7 it’s 3-5 minute+ wait times with half-teams sometimes. It’s even worse as soon as I do 7.7+ because I’m waiting upwards of 8 minutes.

MM has been fine for me, although I’m playing 8.7 France stock so even a fair match feels like being boiled alive.

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I think the MM system has not been fit for purpose since its very inception. It was a quick easy and lazy way to implement a system, one of the overarching criteria that has been completely and utterly missed is player ability and interest.
If a player is not really interested and does not care or understand the game it has a significant impact on the team, every time they get killed without achieving anything the imbalance is compounded by the other team being gifted artillery or spawn points to be used.
If some players are not interested, struggle for whatever reason to play and comprehend the game then let them play in their own sandpit instead of urinating and defecating in mine. Split apart the skill/interest levels but it will never happen as queue times are more important than anything else and while huge numbers of people ( I use the term very very loosely) shell out $75 dollars or their currency equivalent on a premium pixel vehicle then nothing will change and it will just be a mediocre game that slowly dies as the interest fades and mediocrity rises, the game has delusions of adequacy.