Massive stuttering in every gamemode

Massive stuttering when loading and when playing War Thunder in all modes.
I’m dropping to as low as 11fps every couple of seconds without fail for around 1 sec for each frame drop. Uninstalling drivers fixes the problem for a few days before it gets bad again.

Processor|AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-Core Processor 4.20 GHz|
RAM|32.0 GB (31.1 GB usable)|
GPU| Maxsun 3060 12GB
System type|64-bit operating system


First of all, get MSI afterburner.
get it to overlay the following:
GPU temp, usage, clock speed, power consumption, VRAM used, VRAM used by process
CPU temp, usage, power consumption
RAM usage, RAM usage by process.

There is a bug that affects exclusively 8gb cards, but this is not like it (it was stuttering, but not dropping this low, usually the avg was staying around the 60 (or whatever you cap the FPS at), but for you it drops too much), so that’s why the MSI afterburner is needed.

Oh, also what storage the game is on? HDD or SSD?
What speed are they?

Additionally, did you run any software that uses the storage that much that it affects the game?
(idk, like copying a large file from/to the drive the game is on)