Massive packet losses (SOLVED)

I had massive packet loss just a few minutes ago. Completely unplayable. Playable today until this happened. 3900+ battles ongoing, and 152000+ on line. Servers struggling with the load?

Replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On


hey i’m with you, after this new update (la royale) every match i always get 50% package lost , before the update the game smooth as hell, now everytime i join the game, i can’t spawn any vehicle.
this is weird

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Yea, i have this from yersterday. its totally lagging while i’m doing more than driving ahead

any luck yet?

I had my PC connected to the internet with Wifi to my router and had a good connection that way. Around 400 Mbps and 3-4 ms ping time.
Today I tried to connect the computer with an ethernet cable to the router and got 450 Mbps and about 2 ms ping time. Played WT arcade ground during the day and haven’t had problems with tank spins and jumping vehicles. I hope this has solved my problems, but it could also be some change on the server side that fixed the problems. Fingers crossed.

Massive packet loss for a few days now. Roughly a week it’s unplayable on any server.
Support made excuses for my problems , but I have internet and I’m streaming 4K videos.

Who has the same problem ?
Friends from Slovakia have the same problems especially in the evening… :(


Same since yesterday.

GUS is unplayable for me today with up to 55% Paket Loss, as well as 10-25% on EU.

I can exclude my side, it’s the Routing.

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play on Russian servers, it will take them few months to fix that, i have packet loss on one EU server maybe from beginning of the december but no problem on Russian servers

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same for 3 days now

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yeah same here for a couple days, it is really inconsistent, sometimes I have no packetloss and literally the next match its at 70%

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If any of you use wifi, this game does not like wifi…

And wifi isn’t a constant connection, hence why the OP fixed it by using an ethernet cable.

I use ethernet cable only, Wi-Fi is disabled, but I have one game 0% PL, and then next game 40-60% PL.
Playing on EU servers as I always did.

You’re fresh to this thread, and not anyone who I’m commenting towards.

But your issue, you will have to look further up the chain as your ISP can still be causing some, or you could just have chosen the wrong server by location or route.

Sounds like a routing issue for your ISP though from that symptom.

EU servers are still busted for me. (30ping + 30 to >50%PL

RU servers are s bit better 200 ping + 4 to 8% PL

US servers work fine with 100ping + 0% PL

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Exactly the same situation here. Some matches are fine, some suddenly with 50% PL. Playing over cable.

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Its a problem Server side.
Since 2 weeks up to 50% PL on EU server.
Looks fine on GUS server.
Never had such the last 10 years.
300mb connection, no issue in any other game

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Yes same situation here… seems like all our ISP has done same routing error at least according to gaijin or some of you… i dont think so… Fact is before last update no problems and now massive PL on some EU servers. No problems in any other game and no problem on GUS or NA server.

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Been playing on wifi for 5 years, stable 60ms, 0% PL.

If you cant help, dont pretend you can.

Don’t care, fact is wifi isn’t actually stable and isn’t a persistant connection.

If you can’t actually comprehend that someone genuinely knows more about this than you, then don’t be upset enough to carry it on in other threads where you are VERY MUCH out of your depth.

I’ll absolutely make it clear, that you’re literally lucky that you haven’t noticed your wifi issues, because that’s the only thing that is going on.

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