Massive packet losses (SOLVED)

I had massive packet loss just a few minutes ago. Completely unplayable. Playable today until this happened. 3900+ battles ongoing, and 152000+ on line. Servers struggling with the load?

Replay: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On


hey i’m with you, after this new update (la royale) every match i always get 50% package lost , before the update the game smooth as hell, now everytime i join the game, i can’t spawn any vehicle.
this is weird

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Yea, i have this from yersterday. its totally lagging while i’m doing more than driving ahead

any luck yet?

I had my PC connected to the internet with Wifi to my router and had a good connection that way. Around 400 Mbps and 3-4 ms ping time.
Today I tried to connect the computer with an ethernet cable to the router and got 450 Mbps and about 2 ms ping time. Played WT arcade ground during the day and haven’t had problems with tank spins and jumping vehicles. I hope this has solved my problems, but it could also be some change on the server side that fixed the problems. Fingers crossed.